Arrigo Sacchi and The Rise of AC Milan 1987-1991 | Tactical Analysis

Today’s video is a little special and it’s about the AC Milan legend Arrigo Sacchi. In today’s video, I’ve analyzed the coach that changed the fate of AC Milan and created a team that changed the shape of Italian football. In this video, I’ve analyzed AC Milan’s playing style and their quick vertical passing and pressing.
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25 thoughts on “Arrigo Sacchi and The Rise of AC Milan 1987-1991 | Tactical Analysis

  1. If you notice, Liverpool with Klopp plays exactly the same! so I wont be amazed if they dominate the scene for the next years

  2. Team Instruction :
    Width : Narrow
    Tempo : high
    Defensive line : high. Use offside trap
    Cross : float cross
    Passing : direct
    Team shape : fluid, play narrower
    Attack : look for underlap, work ball into box
    Closing down : often
    Creative freedom : be more disciplined
    Freedom movement : roam to position
    Build up : explore the middle, play out of defense
    Tackling : get stuck inn
    Time wasting : never

  3. Sacchi changed the football not only the Italian one. It is pretty much acknowledged by every expert everywhere….you are a liar and a nationalist if you refuse to accept it, I am sorry but it is very disrespectful

  4. Lol so many dumb fucks commenting about the players he's having but they don't appreciate about his tactics, if it's only players to make a difference then anyone can be a coach and have Messi and Ronaldo in his team and think about winning

  5. Good coach, but it helps a bit when you have Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkard, Baresi and Maldini in your side. Think they'd been successful no matter what system they played. Players win football matches more than tactics!

  6. wait
    with baresi, gullit, costacurta, maldini, van basten & so on, maybe the strongest european team ever not bad life for sacchi…

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