APHELIOS IS ACTUALLY SO BROKEN!!! Riot's Best Champion YET – League of Legends

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APHELIOS IS ACTUALLY SO BROKEN!!! Riot’s Best Champion YET – League of Legends

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50 thoughts on “APHELIOS IS ACTUALLY SO BROKEN!!! Riot's Best Champion YET – League of Legends

  1. I've played Smite, and this guy is nothing like Cernunnos. Cernunnos has a Q (actually a 1, but call it Q for simplicity) that switches stances to give his auto different bonuses (lifesteal, armor reduction, slow, and I think bonus damage), a W projectile that roots and applies an AoE DoT, an E that dashes and deals damage, and an ult that's an AoE CC. Just look up some gameplay of Cernunnos.

  2. Hello, I remember a company Riot that was going to add a character named Aliza ,, Do You Know what happened ?? Because It's not added yet

  3. This champ is beyond broken, he has everything in his kit. Sieges towers, cc champs, aoe damage plus cc, can heal himself with his atk’s and can fucking put turrets down. Wtf were you smoking riot.

  4. all his guns have a passive and unique range and apply their passive as secondary weapons. his ult applies his primary weapon if im not mistaken. you can get creative by for example using the aoe of the flamethrower to apply the passive of your Graviton cannon and root teams in place. you can use your ult with the sniper rifle for some long distance burst. or grab attack speed/BOTRK and use your severum healing pistol as secondary, your chakram as primary, Ult to gain 3 extra chakrams and become a Garen with insane healing and single target shred.. Grab a gun, grab a passive mix and mash.

  5. I love main hand Crescendum and Infernum offhand the most cause turrets deal aoe but Severum with Crescendum off hand is broken u can stack so many boomerangs and I love Crescendum’s and Infernum’s ults

  6. Nobody:

    This guy anytime a new champion comes out: WTF ACTUALLY SO BROKEN!!!1!1!1 HOLY SHIT MOST BROKEN CHAMPION IN THE GAME!!1!1!!11!1!1!😱😱😱

  7. Redmercy: does some double Q tricks dealing like 1/3 of the enemy's health in a second from super far range

    Also Redmercy: WhAT iS THaT swAIn dAmAGe? When he ults and uses 2 abilities plus passive

  8. he is the easiest adc atm, everything sinergies by itself you just need to auto attack and press q, braindead champ

  9. Is there in the Internet some kind of petition addressed to Riot, which let us YEET this broken af piece of essay with a textures THE HELL OUT of the game?

    Riot, seriously though, what the hell do you thinking, when you were making this abomination?!

  10. ffs can you not ? the fucking OMG THIS CHAMP OP aphe is perfectly ballansed dont make riot fuck it all up like aatrox

  11. He isnt broken. You were fed as hell and way ahead from your opponents. It would be "broken" if you were balanced when you were like 2 items ahead.

  12. Hehe “best” dont u mean one of there newest unbalanceable shit.

    He is gonna be another one of those champs that are fun to play bit nightmare to play against :/

  13. Then you see qtpies video where he teamfights with lifesteal gun on mainhand and aoe on offhand and 1 shots almost the entire team.

  14. who is the mastermind that designed this champion and senna,like for real wtf was he thinking….aaaw here is a great way to make the game more unfun to play heyyy!!!!

  15. League of legend is the most impressive game that had a real impact on its fans which is really a massive fan base .. why because the game manage to go from a simple multiplayer game to something can touch everyone cause each champion have a story you can relate to no matter what age you are which is so cool

  16. I really wish youd stop the meth. You talk like a 12 year old girl at the mall…fast and every other word is like or omg. grow a dick

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