35 thoughts on “Aatrox Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

  1. Bla bla bla.

    Bring back the old aatrox!!

    I'm enjoying his past mini successful rework so much that i would only play him on every match either normal/ranked/custom..

    Ever since you rework aatrox to this, i didn't even bother to play league anymore.

  2. Riot please take back world ender’s blood well, it’s the only thing that makes Aatrox special besides his w legit his q and e is like rivens

  3. No more revive, no more double dash, only heal against champs, passive doesn't cause grievous wounds. Completely gutted because of pro play.

  4. Aatrox dont exist anymore at this point. You changed him so much and now he is just an another different champion.
    You should change his name too.
    St*** ret*** rds at riot games.

  5. Bring back old Aatrox, please. The current Aatrox is not even a modernization, but a whole new champion that borrows the theme and color scheme of the old Aatrox.

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