6 Most OPTIMAL Jungle Paths in Season 10 – League of Legends

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6 NEW BEST Jungle Routes For SOLO HARD CARRYING Solo Queue – League of Legends Season 10

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33 thoughts on “6 Most OPTIMAL Jungle Paths in Season 10 – League of Legends

  1. I would suggest yi because his q is easy as shit, e and r are just buffs, and w isn’t supper important and can be used as basic auto attack reset

  2. Warwick for auto-fillers. Maybe Olaf as well because of how easy farming and ganking are with him. Other suggestion would be vi if you have some idea of how she works

  3. I'm wierd. With WW I go red, blue, gromp, top gank, top skuttle, wolves, chickens, bot skuttle, stones, bot gank or recall to spend. Then come back for dragon. Only works if other JG doesnt grab the bot skuttle.

  4. Lee has best route for s10. Red- q over wall to golem- wolves- blue- gromp and its perfectly 3:15 for crab. You can skip wolves and/or gromp and go for a gank tho.

  5. Nocturne is a good fill jungler. He has so many different build options that are all good, chances are one of them will fit your style

  6. I would suggest an auto-filled jungler to dodge. No matter which champion he chooses, an auto-filled ape is gonna either have no idea how to clear and fall behind in levels, or he's gonna afk farm all game and give up all objectives. At least until non-junglers start getting settled with jungle changes, I'm not playing with auto-filled junglers. Either I am the jungler; the jungler is a jungle main; or I'm dodging that autolose game.

  7. I'd suggest Master Yi to an auto-filled player, because all you need to do is farm until you get a few items under your belt, and his skill maxing is incredibly simple. Essentially, I'd suggest him because he's very simple to play, but can still have a big impact on the game, not to mention his drake clearing speed.

  8. i m so sick of ur videos: 1, i have to skip the beginning of every single video of urs cuz it s just junk in the beginning if u want ur ads then put it in ur channel home page cuz one logo of ur is enough in ur video. if people r interested they ll search to find out what it is and most people ll actually how what it s about without searching cuz we r not stupid so stop treating us stupid. 2, did u just f ur mom so u dont have the strength to talk? ur voice is so low for all ur videos can u speak up or stop f ur mom. 3, ur wording r too wordy and u keep repeat a lot of stuff so a lot of junks. 13 min to get one point

  9. I would suggest Vi, she is a solid underrated pick in low elo, she has dive potential, different building paths (IE damage or tank), she can shutdown most carries, just make sure to ban morg lol.

  10. QOTD: I think Volibear right now is a real strong pick at the moment and almost everyone can play him. Warwick may seem just as easy, but if you really aren't experienced you still lose out on the safety net Volibears Passive provides and you can still chase down most champions.

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