TOP 10 BEST SKINS in League of Legends 2019 Season 9

Top 10 Skins Season 9 2019 – League of Legends. Best LOL skins from this season, season 9 best released skins this year gameplay spotlight. Best new LOL skins this year.
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29 thoughts on “TOP 10 BEST SKINS in League of Legends 2019 Season 9

  1. How about some eune codes next time fam? I thought since you were based on eune you would have at least one. Great vid as always! Much love!

  2. Very biased list!

    I expected at least one battle academia skin or Halloween skin.

    But of course you would list two skins for your main. Like I said very biased list.

  3. My friend thinks battle boss veigar is top 3 skins in whole League and i tols him u have not seen alot of skins have you he said yes

  4. I wanted the whole video and I have some feedback if thats fine
    I know that you wanted to hit that sweet 10 minutes mark but the places just felt overextended. If I wanted to see every joke, taunt, dance, laugh and recall AND ability animation I'd just go and search for it. It would be fine if you were still talking like what do you like in that skin specifically, whats your fav thing, splashart, recall, maybe some ability? But you kept it really short and then for the next 30 seconds it just was there with some background music so it was very boring and just meh. I know it will have a lot of views maybe because of codes but moments like that probably made people watch the vid searching for codes and not actually watching it for the content which is, well, pretty sad if you ask me. Also speaking of codes, while 1 frame mark is fineee I just wanted to point out that the font and colors on the codes are sooo bad, god, im going feral because of how bad that font is, its super hard to read, especially if the video is in the lower quality (i was watching it at 720 quality and had to switch to 1440 and also guess what :"D the code was used already anyway). For the fulling vid thing I'd suggest maybe just making not top 10 but top 15 or even top 20 skins next time so it can be more interesting to watch without filling the spaces with like skin spotlights lol. Another thing would be that you put one fanart in the video and didnt source it, that goes to the thumbnail as well. Oh and I sort of get annoyed when Xayahs name gets misspelled (the X sounds like Z not like KS basically)
    But overall it was a nice video. Kinda biased and I didnt agree with some things but it was enjoyable. If it had more talk content in it/more places or was just shorter (it could be half of its time honestly) I could even say I enjoyed watching it >:3c
    Good luck in 2020!

  5. Remus, man, even on 1/4 speed the codes are super difficult to pause on. That's kinda oof. Maybe make it 5 frames next time? also, AKALI BIAS

  6. Found the codes but they’re close to impossible to make out. Next time make it more clear or use a different font pls. If I tell u were the codes are can u send them to me? @Remus

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