The sex slaves of Atlanta | Hotspots

America has a growing sex trafficking problem and the city of Atlanta has been identified as one of the hotspots.

In this big southern city, a cultural and economic powerhouse, the illegal sex trade is worth about $300m (£230m) a year.

The FBI has also named it as one of the worst places in the US for child sex trafficking.

But the city is finding ways to fight back against this form of modern slavery.

Hannah Thomas-Peter meets the victims of sex trafficking and those trying to bring an end to the illegal trade.

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39 thoughts on “The sex slaves of Atlanta | Hotspots

  1. Prostitution is just another crime related to poverty. If good paying jobs have been export by corporations to foreign countries to maximize profits, Americans get left behind.

  2. “Cultural and economic powerhouse”? Must be joking, right? That racist, dumpy, tiny, shithole town is the absolute definition of pretentious and lies. Its a joke.

  3. Keep fighting Alainah. Don't quit. Fight and win over yourself and win your life. For victory and triumph. All the very best.

  4. They need to legalize it the women would be safer cleaner and the pimp's would be out of work allowing the women to make what they want and pay taxes on it. The sex trade will never go away so why not make it safe as well as a business putting money in the economy. Taking away diseases the robbery side and not to mention the effect on the amount of sex crimes committed. It shouldn't even need to be questioned

  5. Well, until the citizens get enough and start to deal with the pimps in an old fashion way of “leave here or disappear for ever” it won’t ever change. Last year 6 cops were arrested for being full time pimps and part time cops.

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  7. We, me and friends did have encounters with pimps. Our social networks is quite vast. Most we could and did was counter the abusive treatments these women were suffering from. Provide safety by black listing these abusers. And advise them to get a steady boy friend or stop what they're doing. Really can't do much. Even provided money. Least we could do. The sex industry here in Asia is quite a dangerous circle.

  8. Be true to your self and Admit 99% of American Woman and girls at their Adult ages are Sodomides,.. cee an American Woman goes Truth MINIMUM 7 men (sexual Relationship) bevor she gets Married,. even after Marriage the real problems start,. just want to say that your way of living is totally Wrong.

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