39 thoughts on “The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments 5 (2003)

  1. is it just me but those guys from way back then were funnier without trying than todays`s comedians despite trying so darn hard….

  2. What was talking about I'm sorry I'm caring for some one else's house right now and a lot of things came but something got cancelled what was it okay I'll be last if you got the big guns .I do take care of these your business is in the street and every we're else can you leave my web (?) And get back with it okay yeah me and Aaron the son got 100 Grade Thanks

  3. 7:19 We were already fighting the civil war before Columbus then we won and annexed the Confederacy :)) <just kidding? Technically Columbus didn't discover America or even land on the mainland US but I think the answer YOU are looking for is not 1864 but 1492.

  4. RIP, Jack Barry,Richard Dawson,Jim Lange, Gene Rayburn,Kitty Carlisle, Robert Q. Lewis, Allen Ludden, Monty Hall, Bill Rafferty,and Bert Convy.

  5. All aboard and next comes the beaver and next the mattress, okay, next is the weiner and of course watch out for that stick shift.

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