Sex with Men VS Women (from a bisexual's perspective)

Sex with Men VS Women (from a bisexual’s perspective)

Hey fam, welcome back to another video! I spill the TEA in this one sis!! Super tmi in some parts and just honest as heck as always! Tell me your opinion in the comments! I love you all so much and can’t wait to chat in the comments xoxo

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29 thoughts on “Sex with Men VS Women (from a bisexual's perspective)

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  2. Honestly a good video and I wish I could get through it, but do you not believe in trans people? Sure you might not have slept with any, but it's still surprising in this day and age to see a queer youtuber talk about girls as if they all have the same genitals, and the same for guys.

  3. When you're at home alone,3am and you're gay, you're homolone
    When you're bisexual and you're alone youre biyourself

    I'm so sorry I go home now

  4. men are worse at sex (I'm a guy), I guess most men have absolutely no sensitivity. But I guess this applies to straight men… Gay/bi men kiss better I think… and yes i admit! Women are better at this… we need to learn from them.

  5. Great video. You’re cute… I like the experienced real perspective. Go you. Me = into ze ladies, but I appreciate bisexuals mucho. And this was indeed a good account.

  6. Guys, don't be discouraged….. there are many types of women, and many have a strong preference for males. Probably best to choose that type to ensure a better bond.

  7. I'm a guy and what I learned is that I fuck like a lesbian! Hehe! I can control my ejaculation (edging) so I can go all night if I want. Ideally, sex last for 1 to 3 hours with me. Occasional breaks with massage, cuddling, kissing. Most of my action is actually oral sex cos let's face it, it's the best form of sex.

    Also, it's obvious that a man is easier to please than a woman because men have an external sexual organ whereas women have an internal one. We also get horny and ready to go far quicker than women. So it would be a good idea for women to communicate more, which in my experience doesn't happen much. I've lost count of the number of girls who told you: "no, everything's perfect, there nothing to add" and expect you to find everything out yourself. That can't possibly be true. So I think women have to be more obvious and more explicit with what they like.

    This also applies to dating, girls have to be way more obvious when indicating they are interested. From what I've witnessed my whole life (I'm 45), these signs are nowhere near enough. Men are not very good at gauging that type of thing. This is even more the case in the post MeToo age, I'm pretty sure that most guys out there will have raised their expectations of what constitute interest from a girl. Probably half of us now operate on a "if in doubt, don't do anything." Since girls already complain they can't get the guys they're interested in to make a move, this problem will probably intensify.

  8. Let's talk about the lack of understanding of giving head that women have! So many of them have no idea what to do or are afraid of sucking your penis. Then there is the women that either won't do it or they will say things like tell me when you're going to cum. Alot of times this is so they can stop as you are just getting there! I can't tell you how disappointing that is that you would stop at that moment! There is nothing that makes a man feel less connected is when women demonstrates that they're grossed out by cum! Oh and yes it is penis focused. There is a good reason for this. Men have more work in that we need to "Perform!" Women can just lay there legs open but with out an erection there is no show! So you might want to give us alittle credit for what we need to accomplish. This can be hard depending on time of day or night if we had drinks not to mention a partner not knowing what there doing when it comes to oral or how to stroke it. Oh and then there is condoms! Try putting this rubber thing on can be a serious challenge. Lets see you Must be aroused and excited But somehow wrap this around your erection without Losing your erection or ejaculating game over! Yeah so that's the honest Perspective from us guys.

  9. Well my bf is definitely at the same level as the girls that you described haha, he is not satisfied unless I came at least once, and can go down on me for hours
    I think you just had less good experiences with guys
    (but yeah girls are better kissers 100% periodt sis)

  10. dutchy it is impossible for you to have sex with a woman, lesbian sex is just foreplay sorry shoving a plastic or metal dildo in a vagina is just foreplay oral sex is not real sex only sex is the penis in anus or penis in vagina end of.

  11. I guess it's the men are from Mars, girls from Venus thing? Iam out of your target audience, being 64 and also having ED. Sex is out for me, but I never got much or any good anyway. I think women far an away have the better equipment and responses for enjoying sex. Now I cant even Perform it if I got a woman, so why do I have to be stuck with the desire so much? It's nature's curse on men! Women definitely have it better..

  12. I've tried to use some thing in my vagina but it doesn't feel good and it hurts and when I try with my fingers it doesn't feel good at all it just feels like

  13. If you had to make a choice for having sex for the rest of your life with either a man or a woman who would you choose?

  14. Also, let's face it, you are really a queer girl who wants to be loved by everyone. I have known many gay women and many of the like
    "Meat" on occasion. They are still gay.

  15. Isn't it strange that most straight men never realize that learning to be more like women in bed would improve their sexual experiences a thousand percent?

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