MASSIVE CHANGES: 5 NEW CHAMPION REWORKS + Kit Updates + VFX Redesigns – League of Legends Season 10

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HUGE news! Here are 5 upcoming reworks, ability updates and visual redesigns coming next season!

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43 thoughts on “MASSIVE CHANGES: 5 NEW CHAMPION REWORKS + Kit Updates + VFX Redesigns – League of Legends Season 10

  1. I hate what they are doing to Diana i loooveeee her kit shes everything i love on an assassin without what i hate in them so i am scared hahaha

  2. My very main support, janna really needs a rework because her voice lines and some parts of her are getting old now

  3. About Wokong's rework for the passive on next basic att after using ability has longer range and dmg, this is copied from AOV's Wukong passive.

  4. Sona needs a visual and voice update, DJ Sona skin literally is smaller than Lunar Eclipse/Solar Eclipse Leona Shield. It's weird lol

  5. Many old champions need at least visual update like: leesin, udyr, reemus, mondo, fiddlesticks, volibear, malphite, blitzcrank, gragas, kennen, nocturne, singed, jax.

  6. What about having a Trundle and a Udyr Visual rework, their skill kits ain't bad but their visuals are just trash tho…
    Their kits are just complex and outdated for the current meta, but they ain't bad if u know how to play with their skill kit, I mean, look at trick2g and williefknp, they'r just unstoppable beasts as udyr players.

  7. These reworks are great for plat and lower and also non ranked player but for diamond and above riot is just ruining the game

  8. Anivia rework PLEASE. Anivia has the same issues as Diana… Is not even a threat until level 6 when you get her god tier wave clear (probably only beat by Morgana mid). Her Q is so slow that in a 1v1 it offers no harassment. Honestly, her wall and ult should be switched, considering the best Anivia players level up wall only when they are forced to. Don't get me wrong, it's a good move and could really only do with being able to be cancelled as an addition, but the points you put into wall are just not worth it when it does its' job just fine at level 1 if you know how to place it properly.

  9. Sona, Janna, Udyr, Fiddlesticks, Volibear, Skarner, Anivia, Dr. Mundo, Singed, Trundle, Zilean.

    Those champs should be reworked tbh

  10. Cho need visual and vo update, maybe some minor changes
    Kog really need a some mini revorks, he is useless now. Or you have whole team from lulu/shen ets or you are completely useless against any another adc on almost any moment of game.

    Yasuo… Just make his damn wall a ultimate and make his wind a separate ability (or just delete!). Too many canser mechanics

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