LORE – Half-Life Lore in a Minute!

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Josh from IndieStatik takes you through the adventures of Gordon Freeman–all two and a half of them!

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Voiced by Josh of IndieStatik

Written by Phil

Edited by Schroeder

Art by D.J. “Metaly” Ross


LORE – Half-Life Lore in a Minute!

One upon a time, the Combine Empire invaded the Vortigaunts’ home world and enslaved them. The Vortigaunts fled to Xen, a border world that can be used to cross dimensions, and resided there until the events of Black Mesa.

On Earth, Black Mesa is experimenting with teleportation technology with crystals retrieved from Xen. Their competitor, Aperture Science, is also developing portal technology aboard various facilities including the Borealis, a research vessel that mysteriously vanishes probably due to portal experimentation.

Years later, Gman submits specific test samples to Black Mesa to be used for experimentation and triggers The Resonance Cascade, a cataclysmic quantum event that creates an inter-dimensional rift between Earth and Xen. The Vortigaunts, viewing the rift as an escape from the Combine, pass through to Earth along with other alien species. The Gman takes interest in Gordon Freeman as he demonstrates proficiency in dealing with and dispatching Xen beings and U.S. troops alike. Black Mesa is eventually destroyed by nuclear detonation to quell the incident and Gman gives Freeman an ultimatum: work for him or death. Freeman relents and Gman puts him into a stasis until he is needed again.

The events at Black Mesa did not go unnoticed by The Combine Empire and they set their sights for Earth. The Combine invade Earth and install the Overwatch to enslave the human race. The Gman pulls Freeman out of stasis and he eventually leads the resistance to the downfall of the Citadel in City 17. The Combine decide to destroy the Citadel to create a super-portal in order to send a transmission to their home world requesting reinforcements. Freeman intercepts a second transmission detailing the coordinates of the lost Borealis vessel and the resistance eventually shuts down the super-portal, leading us to the events of Episode 3.

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48 thoughts on “LORE – Half-Life Lore in a Minute!

  1. Looks like aperture could do what the combine couldn’t. And it was sealed away under the earth so the combine couldn’t reach it plus, if they did get Down there, they would have to deal with GLaDOS, turrets, Chell, (probably not) and deadly neurotoxin

  2. I know that Half Life is connected to Portal, but in what order should I play these games from both series?

  3. Wow, and I played Half Life 2 for about 40 hours thinking the Combine Soldiers were human, and they were kind of like the Empire from Star Wars.

  4. During the game of the train station from half life there was a guy who said something about city 14 was there another city in the world?

  5. Not a joke but..why don't they just make the game? Is it a money issue? What's the reason we haven't gotten anything yet?

  6. vortigaunts did not use the portals as an escape from the combine, they were ebing controlled by the nihilanth to invade earth

  7. See, now why was this a good representation of the half-life and portal lore but your actual portal lore video was sloppy and not researched right?

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