Lionel Messi was 'just extraordinary' in Barcelona's win vs. Valladolid – Sid Lowe | La Liga

ESPN FC’s Sid Lowe, Gab Marcotti, Craig Burley and Shaka Hislop discuss Lionel Messi’s two goal, two assist performance for Barcelona in their 5-1 win vs. Valladolid at the Camp Nou. Lowe calls Messi’s showing “ridiculous,” while Marcotti says “Messi heard that the Ballon d’Or was coming up” and wanted to remind voters of his skill. Burley praises the Argentina star for his ball control and says “we won’t see a player like Messi again for a long, long time.”


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29 thoughts on “Lionel Messi was 'just extraordinary' in Barcelona's win vs. Valladolid – Sid Lowe | La Liga

  1. Imagine doubting this man's status as the best player of the modern era. Victim of his own success, compared to stat padders like Ronaldo who isn't even a current top 5 player in world football. Compared to players like Mane and Salah, they can't even play-make or create to 1/10th the level Messi can. Great players don't get me wrong, love Mane especially but not generational. Messi has one more shot at a World Cup or Copa America… Winning one would finally silence the neanderthals who are too narrow minded to look beyond trophies. He already has plenty at club level and has tortured Real Madrid for years.

  2. This is the difference
    Ronaldo scored a hattrick vs athletico in UCL…
    Nobody cares..
    Messi scores against real Valladoid..
    Goat 🤣🤣 amazing performance..
    These people are getting heartattacks when they lose in UCL knockouts 4-0😂😂😂
    And they have valverede to blame.
    But pep not even qualifying for semis ..And no blame..

  3. See when I said some blind fools says that I have negative mind lol you see how selfish messi can be now?he had clear pass to griezmann today the man free and clean through on goal but again its messi he doesn't have to pass and that's not a problem but if that was the other guys in that team you all who support him blindly will say they are not up to his standard,trust me that decision not to pass that ball today cost his team all three point

  4. Hey guys I didn't you rave about messi being the GOAT again here or is only when Barcelona wins you guys can rant your stupidity (I meant the messi the mesire fan base)or was not there to do his magic again rubbish messi messi messi. We won't hear word anymore where only one man gets all the plaudits when theres 11 players out now they lost they picking out griezmann this now

  5. When they talk about ronaldo its just not to take him off the picture, or more or less to just acknowledge him.. But everyone knows it's messi that is consistent and every moment Barcelona plays messi must give a mouth opening performance.. No bad game from him.. Even when they loose he still get a great performance

  6. Commentators look stupid trying to praise Messi when all along they have been saying Ronaldo is the greatest. Its painful finally seeing defeat in Shaka's eyes cause it looked like Messi finally put him and the others in their right full place. Come on even Ronaldo is not at the same level as Messi

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