Lionel Messi & The Puskas Award ● The Most Nominated Player Ever ► Is This His Year?

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45 thoughts on “Lionel Messi & The Puskas Award ● The Most Nominated Player Ever ► Is This His Year?

  1. Back after some time off. Be ready for more and more Messi videos!
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  2. Messi, Neymar and Ibrahimovic are the best goalscorers according to FIFA
    Messi :- nominated 7 times won 0
    Neymar :- nominated 4 times won 1
    Ibrahimovic :- nominated 3 times won 1

  3. I hope Messi will win the most Ballon d'Ors the most champion leagues all trophies with his country .cause I hate to see people bad mouthing him saying he is a one club player and a international flop .I would really like to see the day when messi stands above all of these barking dogs like a GOAT.

  4. Imagine this year the offensive of barça is griezmann suarez messi and neymar it will be the most powerful attack of the history of the footaball

  5. Lio should've won the Puskas Award alooonnnngg time ago, remember the Maradonalikegoal in the Copa Del Rey ?…Yep that's the ONE. 🙌👌🙈🙉🙊

    But only if the award ever existed back then. 😠😣
    #VISCABARCA! 💙❤✊

  6. Not just 1 this year Messi's 2-3 goals can be nominated. He is just far better than any othe player in this season. I think Messi surely won this year's Ballond'or

  7. Younger players like mbappe,dembele etc are way too overrated these days..! People should remember that Messi and ronaldo haven't retired yet!

  8. The french football doesn't appriciate messi!! the ballon d'or should have been his last year or even eden hazard for his WC not fucking modric things have changed i mean just look at 2013/2010 both messi and ronaldo didn't deserve to win, but! even with only the leauge title this year and year before messi was 100% the best of everything goals,assists,playmaker and this year he's also the top scorer in the UCL and all europe he shouldn't lose this for the ucl title it's so dumb because it's individual award not collective

  9. how did he not win tha 2015 one 🤨 n in 2011 shoulda been nomitated twice fo tha solo goal vs madrid in da champions league semifinal

  10. That goal against Bilbao in 2015 so much deserved the puskas but, what do we know, he got robbed of it as usual.. Thoughts of how he walked through those players alone, just blows my mind!

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