Lionel Messi Milestone Games For Barcelona ● From 1st to 700th ● 15 Years of Dominance

Messi’s milestone games with Barça. Enjoy it while you can!



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30 thoughts on “Lionel Messi Milestone Games For Barcelona ● From 1st to 700th ● 15 Years of Dominance

  1. I lied for messi

  2. What I've noticed with Messi is he could be surrounded by 2-3 defenders when he gets a pass…but he still finds a way out. Incredible!

  3. I'm gonna be honest and say, Initially I was no so pleased with Griezman joining the Camp Nou but in retrospect, I see now how he is undoubtedly what & whom Messi needs. Unlike Neymar, he is tad bit up the years, he is a strong little man like Messi, he's had to win even on the not-so-good days, grinding struggling and not forgetting the champion of the World Cup. Considering where Leo is in his career, Here goes another chance to reinvent himself once more🤞… Alongside Suarez . .+2more seasons maybe? 🔥I don't know😂😢. #Viva #Barca😈💪💪💪💪

  4. Messi logró que algunos equipos paren a sus 11 jugadores en su área. Lo he visto. Ningún jugador en la historia logró esto. Superó a Maradona hace rato

  5. If he can lead Barca to European glory this season I will gladly bow to him but if CR7 leads Juve to glory then that's settled. Their teams are utter garbage so if one of them rises to the occasion this season he will be god of football.

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