Lionel Messi ● +25 CLUTCH Late Minute Goals ● With Commentaries

Some of Messi’s best late minute goals.



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49 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● +25 CLUTCH Late Minute Goals ● With Commentaries

  1. Congratulations to Messi on his deserved 6th Ballon d'Or! We should be grateful to have watched this man every 4 days doing magic on the pitch for so many years, and the best thing is that he is not slowing down, so let's enjoy him while we can!!

  2. U dont have to win international trrophy to make people love u. Nevertheless u have led Argentina to 1 final world cup, 3 final copa america which is marvelous achievement n not easy to achieve. U r very humble n never claim that u r d best. High quality goals, consistent as free kick taker,d best dribbler in history, of course good scorer, the most assist etc. All d best to u, Messi.👍👍👍😁😁😁

  3. Sou do Brasil e nós temos uma grande rivalidade com argentinos mas é impressionante como todos os brasileiros amam Messi. São coisas que só os gênios conseguem

  4. We Messi fans will never ever forgive Barca for their incompetence in the last few seasons you give chance after chance after chance to managers who can't manipulate shit… You sign players who are simply stones and let go good players instead 🤦🤦🤦

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