Jennifer Lawrence Just Shot a Sex Scene with Chris Pratt – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jennifer Lawrence recently completed her first sex scene ever, and it was with Chris Pratt.
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Jennifer Lawrence Just Shot a Sex Scene with Chris Pratt – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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40 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Just Shot a Sex Scene with Chris Pratt – Late Night with Seth Meyers

  1. i watch a lot of jennifer lawrence clips, dont get why people look at it if they they dont like her ,, great actress lovely smart, …respect people

  2. I watched passengers on opening day when I was ten

    And no one made me cover my eyes during the sex scene

    Why am I commenting this?

    I don’t know

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  4. They tried so hard to make her pretty. She was so ugly for so long. They tried so damn hard. She’s still ugly to me.

  5. I'm surprised so many established actors have had to approach sex scenes like this. Intimacy direction is a thing, and in my opinion, any production that requires anything from a kiss to nudity or full blown sex should have an intimacy director on board to coach the actors and choreograph the action.

  6. While i was watching this a red beetle with black spots crawled on me then flew off it scared the crappy out of me. XD

  7. When I don't understand – especially a year-and-a-half later – is how America's Girlfriend finally shot a movie with America's Boyfriend – both of whom I'm big fans of – and I haven't seen it.

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