Improbable Research Collection #119: MRI Sex

Improbable Research Collection #119: MRI Sex

Dr. Pek Van Andel, who won an Ig Nobel Prize for making the first MRI images of a couple’s sex organs while those organs were in use, also made a video of the phenomenon. Here, more or less, is the world premiere of that video.

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39 thoughts on “Improbable Research Collection #119: MRI Sex

  1. omfg, i LOVE that song in the beginning! I JUST listened to it before this video! wow.!

  2. Wow, looks really violent inside the woman ha! Who knew my uterus/bladder/internal everything went moving about so much 😮

  3. To know more about other experiences in magnetic resonance imaging of sexual intercourse (on the French medical blog 'Réalités Biomédicales'):

  4. OK I got sent here from (/r/videos) to be exact and i was expecting to see something hot, not this shit, wtf this wasnt cool man real porno shows the SKIN and the boobs and the titties not just 2 big fucking white blood cells havin sex, this kinda pissed me off and a bunch of people on /r/videos at were pissed off too, sincerely, a well respect reddit mod 

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