From Rock Bottom to Rebuilt: How League of Legends' Greatest Team Bounced Back

Losing to Samsung was supposed to be Faker’s lowest moment. The greatest player in the world in tears. The dynasty he’d spent years building shattered because he just wasn’t good enough.

After that crushing loss, 2018 was supposed to be Faker and SKT’s comeback year. They were looking for a redemption arc, to win back the title of League of Legends’ greatest team.

Instead, it turned out to be their worst year yet.

But the team’s 2018 woes seemed like a faded memory after SKT won two consecutive LCK titles, Rift Rivals, and took a top-four finish at Worlds.

So how did SKT do it? How did a team that hit rock bottom in 2018, come back and make top four at Worlds the following year?

Written by: Malcom Abbas (@Smashhh)
Edited by: Brian Van Huyhn (@beevanhuynh)
Hosted by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)

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48 thoughts on “From Rock Bottom to Rebuilt: How League of Legends' Greatest Team Bounced Back

  1. "and now he has to work just as hard as everyone else" Wtf…. Faker and Koreans in general work THE most compared to every other region. That's why they've been so successful and been at the top for so long. Faker didn't remain at the top because he was a prodigy, but because he worked extremely hard and even harder than his competition. It's only recently that he slumped which is to be expected… better yet Faker's slump/fall has been late overdue the dude held it at the top for more than anyone else can not due to his talent but his hard work and dedication. PLease don't take away from the hard work faker has put in, he makes it look easy but it's not.

  2. Faker is and will always be the greatest player of all time in the league scene he achieved heights no one ever reached before.

  3. I still remember that day of the finals. When I realized that they lost, I lost it. I cried pretty much every night for the week. It was devastating to see Faker cry. Heartbreaking.

  4. "Don't be defeated. Don't feel down and don't sulk. Have faith in yourselves. Don't tilt. I'm not just saying this. We can do better"

    Oh shit! When the GOAT tells you this? Chills! Perfect encouragement and comfort to his teammates.

  5. The eSports is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Skt just got rid of their top and jg and faker had a fair worlds this year. They were stopped by a meme team and went 3-1 if I’m correct in worlds and msi. Skt really isn’t back I feel, they weren’t back from last year.

  6. To be fair. SKT isn't exactly back. It wasn't the run that many expected with such a star studded line up. G2 became their 2019 kryptonite. However, their results were way better than 2018 but its not dynasty SKT.

  7. And still no one gives any credit to Bengi the only other player that has 3 world championship under his belt. Skt has never lost in world with Bengi, in 2017 Bengi left Skt and they haven’t won a single championship since.

    SKT's kryptonite
    Samsung always crushed SKT.
    2014 SSW beat SKT, SKT did not even make it to worlds
    2017 SSG Beats SKT at worlds to stop SKT again
    SSW/SSG will always be the true heroes

  9. I just hate that clid and khan left when they had such a good chance to win worlds this year. So sad that money means more than winning

  10. Faker alone cost them the finals, no matter their support woes, he got caught or mispositioned time after time, he is the reason G2 came back every game

  11. Okay seriously though…SKT and Faker fan here. Wondering why the hell this video is being made. SKT hardly bounced back. Sure they had the LCK under their thumbs but they are a better team than G2 and simply failed to execute on the day twice in a row. One of them was a retarded yolo queue style baron throw and the other was faker clearly not being in his usual form. This is not a bounce back for SKT. Any other team sure but not SKT. The standard is higher than this and I doubt faker would disagree l.

  12. Why is this video a thing? They got 3-0’d by G2 in semis lmao. “All hail the Korean overlords” cringe as fuck. China won worlds for the second time in a row, time to wake up people.

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