Zlatan Ibrahimovic REJECTS Premier League Clubs To Rejoin AC Milan! | Euro Transfer Talk


Zlatan has had an eventful last couple of weeks, leaving MLS buying a stake in Malmo’s rival and now finally signing for AC Milan!



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23 thoughts on “Zlatan Ibrahimovic REJECTS Premier League Clubs To Rejoin AC Milan! | Euro Transfer Talk

  1. He didn't reject anything. He's afraid of embarrassing himself in his closing days of his career. PL is far too demanding for a 40 year old man. Zlatan or not he's still a human being. He simply can't do PL. Gonzalo is doing way better compared to his time at Chelsea

  2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic at his 38 is better than Ronaldo. For those people who don't believe it ,I hope he's going back to Milan, then you can see him your self!

  3. Nice clickbait title. It's simple, really. If Zlatan went to the Prem he was going to be a bench player. AC Milan is in shambles right now and he should be able to start games there

  4. Yesterday Alejandro Moreno of ESPN told us that Zlatan would never move back to Milan because they're not even in the convo for the serie A. I feel like zlatan watched that episode lol.

  5. Weigl to Barca is stupid.
    They already have Arthur and De Jong.
    If they are focusing on the clubs future, they need to sign defenders like Upamecano or attacking talents like Martinez.
    I also think that Barcelona would not benefit from signing Weigl (He is not that good anymore).

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