Top 10 Embarrassing Celebrity Game Show Fails

Top 10 Embarrassing Celebrity Game Show Fails
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Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they’re immune to embarrassment! From Aaron Paul’s appearance on The Price is Right, to Jon Hamm getting rejected on The Big Date, these game show moments are sure to make you cringe. WatchMojo is counting down the funniest celebrity game show fails.

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10. Aaron Paul’s Price is Wrong
9. Patricia Heaton Crunches the s
8. Kareem AbdulJabbar’s Mind in the Gutter
7. Joseph GordonLevitt Gets A Little Too Excited
6. Kellie Pickler Misses the Button
5. Jon Hamm Gets Rejected
4. Jason Alexander Forgets His ABCs
3, 2 & 1???

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43 thoughts on “Top 10 Embarrassing Celebrity Game Show Fails

  1. What about Brian Dowling on "All Star Family Fortunes", in which he was asked to "Name a type of bean."? His response was "Lesbian"!

  2. 1:30 that was kind of rude your basically calling the teachers and school stupid I’m from Ohio so if you didn’t want to be dumb you should’ve went to a different college with you stuck up and rude and snobby and bratty attitude!!

  3. Bill Mahar is more of a truth teller than a comedian. He tells things as they are and not as the media tries to make them out to be. I'm happy he's a Trump supporter, 2 of my favorite politicians right there. I convinced my 22 year old daughter to vote for Hillary, just show I could show her that Trump would still win, because a vote for Trump was worth more. I was right too!

  4. What sort of rating is NC-17? Do you have to be 17 to have sex, join the military…or what? Why 17? I don't get it. Or is it somehow linked to your imperial measurement system, that also seems to the rest of the world to make no sense? That would make sense. See what I did there? I'm tired, I'm going to bed now

  5. How about Booker T on Weakest Link. Question was the holiday in October for the discovery of America and he said Thanksgiving.

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