The Vaccines – Post Break-Up Sex

The Vaccines’ official music video for ‘Post Break-Up Sex’.
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I can barely look at you
Don’t tell me who you lost it to
Didn’t we say we had a deal,
Didn’t I say how bad I’d feel?

Everyone needs a helping hand,
Who said I would not understand?
Someone up the social scale
For when you’re going off the rails have

Post break-up sex
That helps you forget your ex
What did you expect from post break-up sex?

Leave it ’til the guilt consumes
Fucking in the nearest room
All our friends were unaware,
Most had just passed out downstairs


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41 thoughts on “The Vaccines – Post Break-Up Sex

  1. A song that you remember several year after. Perfect Chorus. This is The GOOD Indie Rock for Me. Don't stop to listen this song that give me power even with this "sad" Lyrics. That's explosive

  2. never felt more ashamed but more accepted by a song before. Did this shit. Fuck my dumbass, nothing felt good about when it happened yet my foolish self let me imagine it to be the best thing possible before I happened. I'm not one to give a toss about bodily sacredness and whatever but don't do this. You'll feel like utter shit, even if they're gorgeous you will feel like half the person, you're not playing your ex, but you couldn't play yourself more. Never do this shit if the last relationship meant something genuine to you.

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  7. God i haven't heard this in years, but I've just gone through a massive heartbreak and fully overdue this post breakup cycle of trashyness again. God im devastated

  8. Del primer álbum de The Vaccines, publicado en 2011. Es un clásico mío en el mundo de la música que escucho: gran crítica en Rockdelux y adquisición inmediata. De los siguientes álbumes de ellos hasta hoy no he escuchado ni uno. Y no es que aquel álbum me disgustase, no, ni que haya pensado mal de los siguientes que han publicado. Lo que sucede es que prefiero descubrir a otros artistas antes que repetir con los ya escuchados. No puedo con todo. Obviamente hay muchos grupos que repito, porque van a más y mejoran las críticas. Evidentemente me han encantado aún más en sus nuevas publicaciones o me he enganchado mas/más sin razones concretas. No es una norma cerrada, no son matemáticas. Varío en función de sensaciones. Lo que no me falla es disponer de novedades, pues casi me sobran. En fin, aquel primer trabajo de The Vaccines me sigue encantando y esta magnífica canción me atrapa como lo ha hecho durante toda esta década.

    84. The Vaccines, "Post break-up sex".


  9. They all look so miserable in this. I don't mind swapping places with them as im trying to launch my music. Please see my channel please Vaccines

  10. my (ex) boyfriend broke up with we about a week ago because he said he couldn't be in this relationship anymore even i'm the best thing that ever happened to him. i had sex with someone i met on tinder yesterday, he was real cute, so much cuter than my ex, but when we finally did it, it didn't feel right and i was about to cry when we did it because it made me realized that it's not him and it hurts so much.

  11. Someone up the social scale
    For when you're going off the rails,

    What does this lyric mean.
    Sorry to bother you guys .hope sb can answer this ,as a foreigner ,this sentence really confuses me.beautiful song though

  12. Of course I'll let my children to listen to this awesome song about using people to fuck to erase other people from their life as long as they censore "Fucking in the nearest room". Great song btw

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