The Champions That Riot Will Be Removing From League of Legends | Stat Sticks Documentary

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Today, let’s talk about a league of legends champions that have a very interesting history, Dr. Mundo, Shyvana, Renekton, Jax, Master Yi, and Tryndamere . Even though they have been broken and an op champion for season 10 to climb ranked, in the past these stat stick champions in league of legends were even stronger. Let’s take a look in todays league of legends documentary, about the history of the stat stick genre of champions in league of legends.

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Patch 9.24b on the PBE on surrender at 20

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27 thoughts on “The Champions That Riot Will Be Removing From League of Legends | Stat Sticks Documentary

  1. Hope you enjoyed, have a great holiday season and be sure to tell the people that matter most in your life that you love them. I will try to upload 1 more video before the end of the year, but if not, I'll see you guys in 2020! 🙂

  2. Mundos abilities should get a buff when he ults (while ulted mundos cleaver adds bleed, mundos W burns overtime, and mundos E also roots the champion for 0.50 seconds)

  3. I feel like this video isnt balanced even tho it tries to be. Stat sticks are healthy for the game to an extent. They allow for new players to get accustomed to the game and for current players to improve macro-wise. Like he is selling this idea that there are no stat-stick champs being made even tho pretty much everyone agrees all the newer champs a re stat sticks. Look at zoe and akali. Everyone agrees that all the new champs are always over tuned during release and then they end up losing popularity in most cases after nerfs. Its not fair to really say that imo. When I first played this game I loved playing champs like amu, garen, mundo, shyv, nasus, etc. Honestly if I was a new player today I wudnt want to keep playing today.

  4. This video makes 0 sense to me tbh. It's quite new to me people that complain about simple champs being unfun to play against, wasn't it the other way around? How is playing against a champ with no mobility or cc unfun to play against? Mundo has no counterplay? Yeah right, aside from constantly kiting him… It all sounded to me like the typical bronze kid yelling "noob champ". I'd rather have these champions filling a specific purpose than Irelia, Qiyana, Aphelios… I don't know why would anyone want to turn League 100% micro based.

  5. Imagine a new player just see someone like.. "Aphelios? Wow this guy looks edg- COOL! Let's play him!" a game later "wtf. think I'll just uninstall"

  6. @Exil is there a possibility to do a video on Shyvana? She was my main during the "Golden Days" but shes never brought up in any video made by anyone, yet shes not so awful or unspoken that a video or rework is mentioned. She had several lore updates, and shes one of those Stat-Stick champs you listed, but I would love to see a deep dive into her like you did with Kalista, or Aatrox <3

  7. Remember when AP gragas, Ziggs, AP xin, AP yi, global passives, AD malz, AP tryn and all these "op stat stick champs" got over nerfed? I introduce to you any new champ! time to revert those outdated nerfs?

  8. Man, I don't like all these new champs with their 20 abilities to keep track of, I'd rather play nasus or mundo and just chill out, press Q, hit R every once in a while and have a good time. It's a bad move to remove this kinda play.

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