Sex and the City: The Puzzle of Mr. Big

Sign up for Skillshare: | We couldn’t help but wonder… why Mr. Big? Why can’t Carrie Bradshaw quit him? What does the choice of this rich, unattainable love object say about Sex and the City and its times? Let’s solve this great crossword puzzle and see what Mr. Big truly represents. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon:

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46 thoughts on “Sex and the City: The Puzzle of Mr. Big

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  2. I used to hate Big but honestly him and Carrie are perfect for each other. Carrie is just the same as him, she fears commitment and she always wants everything her way and she likes drama. Big knows this so that's what he gives her, plus he has his own problems with commitment. She tries to have the relationship she believes she wants with Aiden but realizes it's not for her, Big tries to have the relationship he thinks he wants with Natasha but same problem there. They're both drama junkies and they like that excitement and roller coaster-emotional trip that their relationship brings them and like it or not they can't break apart. They always find each other again, that's how faith works… Because both of them could easily just as well have found some co-depedent toxic partner to cling onto instead but they always returned to each other and I think a big reason it could never work out before they eventually got married is that they both figured they need something more stable with a more down to earth man/woman so they kept looking until eventually accepting that they should be together. They're both pretty terrible together with anyone else too, but they're kind of a perfect match with each other.

  3. He is not bad at all. If she gave him time, he would give her everything. Just little bit slower because he has bad experiences…. She is absolutely terrible character, terrible girlfriend and even worse friend.

  4. I actually think Carrie was DELIBERATELY designed to be flawed to reflect certain follies of many women. Of course I can't speak for what Candace Bushnell intended, but whenever I watch Carrie, she reminds me how stupid I used to be. Then I tell myself to not be as foolish as Carrie.

  5. Carrie and Big should have never ended up together ESPECIALLY after having an affair. Aiden was the perfect man she threw away.

  6. Mr. Big represents narcissism at it's finest. Carrie represents COVERT narcissism as she is definitely more meek about it. This is why these two took a long time to be with each other, and were on and off the whole time. For Mr. Big, it's obvious he knew his "shit don't stink", but with Carrie, she was more the "Woe is me" type. If this was real life, I would put money that this relationship doesn't work in the end as it is really hard for two narcissists to be together. It can happen, but it will be hard.

  7. My mother was a big fan of Sex and the City and I just remembering being a teen girl sitting and watching it and thinking Carrie was severely mentally ill and probably had BPD. Mr. Big is an asshole, he's got a very shallow personality, and yet Carrie was enamored and obsessed with him in a really crazy way. If she couldn't make it work with Aiden, then she couldn't make it work with anyone.

  8. Carey’s materialistic , immature child with daddy’s issues. She’s not “complex” and there is nothing to admire in her character, it’s a bad example to younger women.

  9. Wow… I have only ever watched the SATC movies where I saw Carrie as the glam , fashionista married to this suave , wealthy gentleman. Watching this , I am beginning to realize the toxic backstory that took place in the series 🙁 Carrie isn't the golden girl I thought she was after all 🙁

  10. Carrie was such a great protagonist character. Selfish, arrogant, obnoxious, willfully ignorant, stubborn, irresponsible with money, immature, bad taste in men, dysfunctional family… so complex!! They really don’t write characters like that anymore. All from that absolutely magical time period in the late 90s-early 2000s before social media and the internet boom. A time, gone with the wind if you will….

  11. Woah i cant believe its been 21 years since this show was made. It feels like it was yesterday that i secretly watched it hiding from my parents. I was shocked and amazed, at the time since i was quit young. I dont remember it being so immature. I had found memories of watching it,
    its sad it doesnt stand the test of time.

  12. TBH I really hated Carrie. I love Sex & The City; I like Charlotte, Samantha and especially Miranda… but Carrie is just such a horrible, selfish person. She makes everything about herself, she expects her friends to always be there for her, but she isn't there for them in that way.

  13. I always hated the fact they ended up together. It made me so mad that she would marry someone who constantly let's her down, even on their wedding day!

  14. honestly she sounds like an annoying pushy woman who throws fits when she doesnt get her way

    edit: i was not expecting that highlight

  15. Oh my, I understand my relationship history much better now. Like Carrie, I was immature and melodramatic, demanding things he didn't offer. I managed to calm down, eventually, once he was out of my life.

    I'm marrying Aidan next year.

  16. This is why you should always date men who are less attractive than you. You will never feel like this and never wonder about what they think. Really handsome rich guys can always bounce to another woman. Why even want this kind of torture?

  17. Why is everybody roasting Carrie? She's not that slutty, gold-digga girl in this serie. Almost feel like nobody has watched Sex and the city

  18. This video is like an eye opening to me. I didn't see things through this point of view before. It almost makes me hate Carrie

  19. Most times ladies always prefer the not into them guys to the into them guys maybe because he is good in bed, crazy, has money, has class etc. And that to be is a horrible state to be in because she will always spend her life in hurt unless she back out

  20. Mr. Big is not just rich, he is old money rich. It's not only finances, it's the breed, his family, the upbrigning, the education, circle of family friends – it's a certain status. Anyone who lived in NYC knows this type. And as far as the bachelors go – they are the holly grail. Also, what if it is more about romantic represenation of a modern day New York prince figure? One can not call Carrie a full on materialist, she went out with a fair amount of losers or average men and desperately tried to make those work as well.

  21. As a nyc woman….. NYC is very much like that and the power players in NY are very much like Mr. Big and the women are just as nutty as Carrie.

  22. Carrie was an immature nightmare. Poor Big. Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were much better people. I never understood why they liked Carrie or she was so popular with guys.

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