Selling Sex For £4 In Liverpool | Sex Map Of Britain

Natalie works in Liverpool, one of the cheapest places to buy sex in the UK: sex sells for four pounds.

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35 thoughts on “Selling Sex For £4 In Liverpool | Sex Map Of Britain

  1. With a title like that, people will think 4pounds is the going rate in Liverpool, when it's the desperate minimum. 🙁

  2. Drugs… Got the country on its arse…. This country is as good as finished now. … Time to find another country now😢😢…norway in the outskirts… Plenty jobs.. Sensible people…. N best n most important… NO SERIIOUS DRUG PROBLEMS….. But take it from a switched on English man…. THIS COUNTRY HAS DIED…. 🤔😶😕🙁🙁

  3. Update: if you google Sheil Road, (I did looking an update) 2 years later, Natalie is still at it and she’s actually been banned by police from the road and she looks even worse

  4. This female saying she felt "repulsively sick knowing she was in bed with a man knowing she had a man at home waiting" I see… you'll feel "repulsively sick" having sex for drugs but you won't feel sick to come off the drugs to be with the man you say you love. Im not buying it…. she was more than likely just using him.

  5. Natalie, Liam does love you. He just can't date u while you're in the grips of addiction. I hope you see this and clean up. He keeps coming to see you and asks you questions because he cares.
    Best wishes sweetie. You are important and deserve a good life.

  6. @5:00 she says it’s easy for men they can go rob things and blah blah, but for women it’s not because they have to sell their bodies. I think that’s obviously the easiest choice. It’s easier to spread eagle or give a blow job then to go out and steal etc.But, it’s not a matter of they “have to.” They could get drugs just like the men do and not sleep with anyone.

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