RealDoll’s first sex robot took me to the uncanny valley | Computer Love

Engadget’s editor-in-chief, Christopher Trout, tours Abyss Creations, makers of the hyper-lifelike RealDoll sex doll just months before the release of Harmony AI. When the Android app debuts later this April, it will give users access to a sexualized personal assistant, like Siri for phone sex. But the real draw is Harmony the sex robot.

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32 thoughts on “RealDoll’s first sex robot took me to the uncanny valley | Computer Love

  1. 06:51 = that face you make tho, hahahahahahahahahaha, i know inside your mind you said .. "look at you , look at that monster, you will have all the prostitutes jobless " hahahaha

  2. Elon musk : lunches the best wifi in the universe , launch a rocket with a car , make an armoured car

    This man : make 3 feet penis , thosend of vergina , realistic mouth

  3. Eu imagino um futuro proximo onde esses robôs poderiam ser comandados por uma central de atendentes num serviço pago, ou estarem em duas casas distantes fazendo uma interação em tempo real pela internet entre duas pessoas. As possibilidades são ilimitadas. Isto, claro ,apenas considerando a tecnologia atual, sem o uso da inteligência artificial que levaria o seu uso para uma gama infinita de aplicações, não apenas para fins sexuais, mas para criar um novo tipo de relacionamento humano x máquina.

  4. I mean, as long as they make it sound perfectly like a real person, and make it look and move just like a real person to. GOOD BYE GIRLS WHO DON'T LOVE ME >:3

  5. Good job ladies, you gave us the inspiration to replace you. Having my heart broken a ton of times and going mgtow finally, I got to say I'm happy I won't have to humor a woman anymore for sex or pay for an exhausting date. 6k will save you a shit ton as an alternative compared to having an expensive gf who'll cost you several times more yearly. I welcome this with open arms as it might give woman a clue finally that they can be replaced if they want to be worthless leeches to us. Sorry for going off on a tangent but OMG the number of men getting cheated on, abused and losing everything after is horrifying, technology will save us all sanity, money and years of our life.

  6. Amazeballs video, i like it to much !! Finest part is 1:30. I up 1st video, Please check it out and tell me what you think 💝 💕 ❤

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