5 thoughts on “LIVE: The Real Radio Telethon

  1. Does anyone know how much they raised in total I know that by the end of the jim Colbert show that the total was close to 69 thousand I was just wondering is all

  2. Ryan, sadly I’m one of the podcasters and when I finished at work around 6pm I listened to the show. As soon as I heard about the airbrush shirt I wanted to have it. To pay homage to that beard. I look up to it as a point I want to reach in life. I bid on it a couple of times and kept getting out bid, eventually I said “screw it” and bought it outright…only to find out when I returned to the podcast that you lost the beard. A sad day, truly sad. However, at least now I get to go to the Monster events free! I will never wash the shirt with the original Ryan beard hair attached to it. Looking forward to when I get to wear it in front of you. I hope that this time next year we will have Ryan Holmes: Revenge of the Beard

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