Is Cristiano Ronaldo injured or out of form for Juventus? | Serie A

After being subbed off for Paulo Dybala in Juventus’ 1-0 win vs. AC Milan, Dan Thomas, Craig Burley, Stewart Robson and Steve Nicol wonder if something is wrong with Cristiano Ronaldo. Robson says Ronaldo doesn’t look like he’s fully fit. Burley questions if Maurizio Sarri or Ronaldo is in charge of the Portugal star’s playing time.

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47 thoughts on “Is Cristiano Ronaldo injured or out of form for Juventus? | Serie A

  1. Na I think his age is catching up to him. He is declining in skill more and more, he barely scores anymore and has been choking easy goals.

  2. Plays go off form all the time it's nothing new. Commentators make it look like a shock. But it's very normal. Can't wait when he comes back with a bang. These same guys will be saying otherwise then.

  3. Ronaldo out of form? Is that a serious question?
    Ronaldo hasn't been out of form for 15+ years, that man has dedicated his life to stay in form

  4. ESPN on every Juventus video: Juve is underwhelming, not convincing, they suck.
    The real World: only team in Europe that hasn't Lost a facken game, winning all matches and drawing 3 times Total…

  5. If you've been watching Roanldo you noticed he's changed his game since 2014 to be a poacher while his teammates in Madrid team spoon feed him to 50 goals a season. As soon be moved to Juve he's finding difficult to score past 30 goals in full season. Also getting outscored by 38yrs old Qugrilla who plays for weaker. team

  6. Ronaldo shouldn't have left Real Madrid. Because of his age it is very difficult to take full charge of the Italian league. Now he is giving Messi the chance to take total dominance over football.

  7. Jesus Christ people sound like they haven't been watching the games. The link up isn't a problem, neither is the midfield. He's been just fine up until that game he was rested. Must have picked up an injury after that.

  8. Higuain never really a good partner for Ronaldo he's not Benzema and the only player who can really distribute the ball to Ronaldo are Dybala and Pjanic the rest just one dimensional. Bernadeschi is the best partner for Ronaldo with Dybala behind them

  9. The day has come finally when Cristiano Ronaldo's abilities are being questioned. He cannot be young forever , age is a huge factor

  10. Ronaldo has gotten away with offside goals for so many years, even in UCL, also DIVING to get LOTS OF PENALTIES. Now, VAR won’t let him be the same anymore.

  11. He Ain't Injured, He Just Need Some Time To Go Through All Those Players And Strategy Of Juve!
    Give Him Some Time And He'll Come Out As He Was In RMA!
    Everyone Needs To Digest And So He Does Needs time Too!
    After A Year He'll Be The One On Top Score Sheet Of Juve!

  12. Also sarri is trash manager. Nothing special at all about him. Hes not good enough to be managing juventus dressing room. Guardiola or mourinho, conte or klopp

  13. Cr7 is eternal. Hes Cristiano Ronaldo. What does he always do when people start doubting him. Saying hes washed up. He goes and scores goals to shut up the doubters. His power

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