I was almost sex trafficked in NYC.. (Story Time, Warning Signs, What Happened)

This was originally a Vlogmas Video for my subscribers, but after getting so much attention I have decided to update the description box to answer many of the questions in the comments.
1. I do NOT think 30 is old. I said that in the way I did to emphasize I thought she looked young, hence why I was so caught off guard when I found out she was 54!
2. I am 20 years old, and was when this happened.
3. The details I left out are strictly for my own safety. The only point of this video was to spread awareness of how the situation went down. What happened behind the scenes after is private!
4. I cannot release her name, picture, etc., although I would love to expose her. It is way too risky for myself, my friend and family involved. Just be aware for things happening like mentioned in the video.
Thank you guys for watching and sharing. This issue is seriously SO crazy and happening so much more often every single day. It is not to be taken lightly, and I am not using this incident for attention, clicks, views, subs, etc. Like I said, I did not expect it to get more than 1,000 views.

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28 thoughts on “I was almost sex trafficked in NYC.. (Story Time, Warning Signs, What Happened)

  1. I still read comments from this video sometimes and I get A LOT asking me to do an updated video answering your questions, assumptions, and what happened after the fact.. Like this comment if you're watching now & would actually want to see that.

  2. Thank you for sharing. It is so important to bring awareness. If everyone shares their stories people will start to see just how common this is and hopefully take precautions. One of the most important things is to trust our instincts and gut feelings. I can't count the times I've allowed myself to stay in situations that make me uncomfortable and red flags are waving because I don't want to be rude or mean or whatever. It's hard training myself to not allow those situations after being raised to be polite and all but really there is no reason for us to allow others to make us uncomfortable just because we don't want to offend them, they are offending us by making us uncomfortable rather it's intentional or not and we do not and must not allow others to make us feel that way. It has become very important to me that my kids know they don't have to stay in situations that make them uncomfortable or raise red flags for fear of being mean to someone. It is important to protect ourselves in these increasingly dangerous times. Stay safe.

  3. No offense but i moved from PA to KY and i know with out a doubt that people in KY don’t think about how scary and weird it is when random ppl asking you questions that can be a bit intrusive or too personal. Everyone here thinks its normal to just give out basically their life story because alot of people here are so trusting that their information wont be used for the wrong reasons .

    This is why to others who dont know me i may seem standoffish but thats because i know how easily a stranger can try to take advantage of your trusting nature .

    Please dont be so quick to give out all your info. If someone asks detailed questions dont be afraid to ask “Why are you asking or why would you like to know about that?”
    If they dont have a valid reason or your unsure if their reason is valid……..tell them a lie that you know cant be traced back to you if you ever happen to run into them again .

  4. If she was scouting you for trafficking she was most likely finding out which rooms you were in so that someone could come and take you. She wouldn’t be able to take you herself, but she can find out where you are.

  5. Whenever someone tries talking to me out in public and I don’t know them, you always get certain vibes from certain people, I’m always stand offish and on my way, leave me alone lol

  6. They are taking people at a all time high in NY right now! I literally almost got kidnapped yesterday in broad daylight on a busy street ! I AM SCARED TO GO OUTSIDE! I Was walking with mace in my hand all day today & every car that slowed down by me today I was extremely nervous & jumpy! That shit really got me scared & my Anxiety is to the roof!😵

  7. Yea I’m such on off person in places I’m not familiar and with people I’m not familiar with. I use a fake name always and I go NO where by myself. Im such a sweetheart but because I know evil legit is out there in the world I keep my head down and I watch my surroundings every 10 seconds. Being from a city similar to New York (Chicago) I know that mfs be shady asl so I never talk to mfs I don’t know and when they ask questions I tell them the least, I don’t stop to make side conversations, I don’t take pictures let alone stop and take pictures of other people when they ask. I keep my phone in my hand and I NEVER walk around with headphones and I don’t get drink or get drunk I public or even around ppl I’m unfamiliar with even if my friends know them. I hate being rude but yea naw I quickly get over it when I hear stories such as these.

  8. So scary! Me and my girl cousin were driving through Colorado and had a guy following us and then getting next to us and signaling to pull over. There was no cell service. We got off the nearest exit, luckily he didn’t follow.

  9. I live in Texas and it’s not uncommon for random people to talk to you but obviously if you have a bad feeling ! It means something but I believe for some we might not think to much of a situation I’ve had so many random convos jist I’m general but you can tell when there is a predator near you

  10. Just like any ruthless criminal organization. They use women and children to recruit people and make them vulnerable. Be careful out there, human traffickers should be shot for what they do. Its horrific.

  11. You in NEW YORK CITY we don’t talk to people like that so if someone comes to you for a small talk that a HUGE RED FLAG 🚩 🤚

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