24 thoughts on “HOW TO HAVE LESBIAN SEX – Lesbian Sex 101

  1. ok so i’m 14 and so is my girlfriend, would it still be necessary to use like the glove thing? i know we are young but like u never what what will happen lmao

  2. . First of all my confusion before having lesbian sex for the first time had nothing to do with sex education, which was about reproduction.

    Sexual pleasure is what pedophiles think kids need to be talked to about. Two people loving each other no matter what their bodies are made of is as easy to say as I just said it.

    Teaching kids about how to deal with disappointment, that misunderstandings happen, how to try and see things from another person's perspective. That's the sort of stuff that should be taught before trying to tell Young people how to indulge in sexuality.

    There was no pictures shown of the missionary position at my school and I had plenty of internet access to please my imagination. So I don't appreciate the belittling of my problems by them being clustered into blaming some white guy saying this is how it's done ladies.

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