Half-Life Season 1 Episode 3 – Unforeseen Consequences

Episode 3 – “Unforeseen Consequences”

See Valve, it CAN be done!

When the test goes horribly wrong, Black Mesa experiences a resonance cascade. Now Gordon Freeman must do everything in his power to survive against the alien beings that now infest Black Mesa…

Next time, on Half-Life: Office Complex.

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Resources used:
Badasses by Patrick Hunt (
Cinematic 23.5:1 Aspect Ratio Overlay by M Δ X (
Doc/Revzin’s Puppet Script! by Doc_ock_rokc (
Enhanced Survivor Gordon Freeman by Sirgibsalot (
Enhanced TF2 Skeleton by Chaofanatic (
HBOMBS Particles And More by The Businessy Mr. Business Cat (
Lens pack by YoshiPoland (
Opposing Force 2 Shephard/Marine by Sethikal (
Thomas Clyde Bembenek by Me
Thumbnail Image by Me
Everything else by Valve and Crowbar Collective

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40 thoughts on “Half-Life Season 1 Episode 3 – Unforeseen Consequences

  1. Gordon Freeman… wearing an HEV suit with a helmet that displays dual flashlights on it?
    Also, he is an expert for small-arms [dual pistols], and also an expert of explosives [grenades]?
    Plus, an HEV suit with a support AI?

    Why do I sense similarity with other works made by '343'…?

    Still, I really liked this – and, have a sub from me, please…

  2. Why there is other dpecies of headcrabs combines did those and combines didn't came that time still doesn't means bad vid this is awesome you deserve subs and likes

  3. Good evening! Appreciated your work and channel! I liked everything very much. You are great! And now, I would like to hear an assessment of my work, both the channel and this videos, which you sent on the links. here it is: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Go3YELXNIY&t=5s" – "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX89GnWMDjI" – (use headphones)… This is my first serious work and I think she’s completely successful! Thanks to for attention! Good luck.

  4. very nice, you literally make gordon seem like an ultimate badass scientist, and now i can actually see why you give him the helmet.

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