35 thoughts on “ANSU FATI | A selection of his goals with the Barça youth teams

  1. Congratulations to the boy. But the guy takes bids from young people today, who are quickly called "stars", and compares with bids from the juniors of R10, R9, and others of this generation, and realizes how lacking in CRAQUE football is. Strive to "fill your eyes", to be beast in improvisation and creation. Today there is only Messi at this level. The CR7 is a machine and top finisher. Every team wants these 2. Plus, we only have great athletes, nothing exceptional. Hopefully in this new generation coming there, we can enjoy great stars. After all, what's the fun of football without the stars? Brasileirão tires.

  2. Parabéns ao garoto. Mas o cara pega lances dos jovens de hoje, que rapidamente são chamados de "craques", e compara com lances dos juniores de R10, R9, e outros dessa geração, e percebe o quão carente de CRAQUE o futebol está. Craque no sentido de "encher os olhos", de ser fera no improviso e na criação. Hoje só há o Messi a esse nível. O CR7 é uma máquina e top finalizador. Todo time quer esses 2. No mais, só temos grandes atletas, nada excepcional. Tomara que nessa nova geração chegando aí, possamos desfrutar de grandes estrelas. Afinal, qual a graça do futebol sem os craques? Brasileirão cansa.

  3. This kid looks like Ronaldinho with his style of play. He is fierce, ability, easy shot, good touch, fast, great IQ, has every tools needed to be a Barça legend. Mark my words he will be voted world's best one day when Messy and CR7 retire!

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