10 Secrets To Win TV Game Shows

We’ve all sat in our living rooms yelling answers at the game show on TV and being utterly baffled that the contestants on the show seem to be idiots and don’t know any of the answers. But could you do any better? With this video, maybe you could! These are 10 Secrets To Win TV Game Shows!

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21 thoughts on “10 Secrets To Win TV Game Shows

  1. I mean, every game has its parameters, and your whole job as a contestant is to push those parameters to their very limits for profit. With this one sentence I have summed up the whole video 😛

    Not to say that it wasn't a good video, but like yea, all of them are basically summed up as "Be a proper contestant"

  2. One absolute ass of a woman went on a UK show called The Chase. You have a cash builder round, go up against The Chaser then the final round where everyone plays together against the chaser. This woman got about 2 questions right in the first round, in around 1.30 minutes. She then chose the minus option in the second round, which means she only needs to get 2 questions right to make it through (although it takes money away from the total cash fund). then in the final round she didn't even attempt to answer any questions. But thankfully for her the team won and she bagged some cash for answering just 4 questions

  3. I was actually on Wheel in 2017 and I disagree with the "wasted letter" strategy. If you burn your turn up on purpose, it's just as likely that the next contestant could get a hot streak going. That and a lot of puzzles have very obvious letters to call off first, which can often give you a framework to build on. For instance, a plural category is almost always a good time to call an S. On the other hand, it may be helpful to "waste" a letter on Free Play, especially if you don't know the puzzle, because there is no penalty if you call a wrong letter on Free Play.

  4. I was looking at comments when he said "Michael Larson" & thought he was talking about Michael Larsen (Eyedea) for a second.

  5. Price is right story is wrong. It was the guy next to terrys wife who had been studying it for years and had been on many years from going constantly.

  6. What would I do to get on a game show? Easy I’d have sex with the producers and host and to make sure I’d win I’d blackmail them all

  7. Someone broke golden balls by telling the other contestant they will 100% pick the steal ball and then split the money after the show. He gave him 2 options, pick split and hope hes telling the truth or pick steal and win nothing. A slight chance is better than no chance so he picked split. The first guy then revealed his ball and he actually picked split all along and they both shared the money.

  8. The Wheel of Fortune wheel has a braking system (probably a drum brake or caliper brake) to assist and guide the more favorable contestants to winning. The more attractive women or more likable men usually get better wheel behaviors with and without use of the brake, whereas the others will have the brake used against them. Just watch how loose the wheel sometimes stops vs how abruptly it sometimes stops!

  9. Michael Larson did not cheat. He studied the patterns of how the board operates from watching Press Your Luck. It would've been cheating if he designed the board, which I'm positive he did not.

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