1. Alligator definitely has 3 letters its name. Don’t you dare try and convince me otherwise

  2. "I thought europe was a country"
    "Is france a country"

    I heard that a group of americans were trying to kill someone in mexico and somehow ended up killing arabs in the middle est

  3. kelly: im listening to what you're saying, but only listening to what i wanna hear.
    jeff: that's called being a women.
    me: damn right you are, jeff.

  4. 08:00 ….. Okay…..
    I can make a defence for frog…. Your on a game show your nervous you've got next to no time
    Under pressure you need to quickly think of an animal with three letters in its name you may say frog
    I mean it wouldn't be easy I've got Dog Cat Owl that's it so I can get making a mistake…..

    But I can not nor will I attempt to defend Alligator

  5. 4:33 somebody had a great time fucking her
    5:33 her, too

    The top winner today on "the price is right" is gay!

    Damn, Bobby! Ain't gotta call people out like that!

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