31 thoughts on “Young Girls Sold for Sex on Backpage.com: Part 1

  1. 9:15 he looks so innocent and this could be a meme…and I shouldn’t laugh,this topic ain’t funny…but his expression is🥺

  2. She willingly put herself in that situation and wanted to sell her body for sex. She admits it. I don't feel sorry for her.

  3. Human trafficking… They use to call it PIMPING. It has nothing to do with Back Page. If this girl wants to sling that little hooch that’s on her.

  4. Not saying what was done to her was okay cause it wasn't but she did make the choice to run away and get in the car with the pimp and continue to go with people she didnt know so i mean she was kinda asking for it

  5. Is it legal to do your own stings? The town I live in got some sketchy people I bet I could catch like 50 pedophiles lmao

  6. Some of these kids have zero street smarts and think everyone is kind at heart and wants what's best for them. Stupid ass kids. Parents need to teach their children like wtf

  7. Sorry, but she put herself into this situation. She ran away from home for no reason and went with a pimp. She wasn’t 5, she was, what, 15? 16? She knew what she was doing. I was raped a few months ago, and it was 100% my fault. I literally walked right into it and ignored all the warning signs. Take responsibility for your actions.

  8. Although she should have known the dangers of running away, but don't blame the victims if they don't have the choice to have sex

  9. Natalie was on Megyn Kelly show a year or so after this….she has 2 kids now. Her name is Jessika and she stood next to Trump with her mother while sex trafficking law called Jessica's Law was signed into action.

    This is a link to another ABC epsiode she did and chose to recognized as who she is not just what she went thru….

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