What Do They 😳 Want 🤯 From You? Love? Sex?? | Pick A Card

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✨ Heyo! I hope the reading resonates with you, please take what does and leave what doesn’t! If none of it resonates with you, then that is alright and it just means this video wasn’t for you!✨


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*These readings are meant to provide spiritual insight for personal growth and improvement. All decisions made and actions taken after watching are of your own free will. This reading should not be used in place of professional help and/or advice.
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20 thoughts on “What Do They 😳 Want 🤯 From You? Love? Sex?? | Pick A Card

  1. 3❤️
    He asks me for massages all the time haha. He works hard. He is very giving with gifts and money. Definitely his love language. I knew this was the reading for me 🤪❤️

  2. Thank you! Another great reading! ❤ Oh btw, I find that writing my "intro crap" on an index card off screen helps me. I'll have it coaching me like a god damn pageant mom mouthing "Channel name! The channel name! Say it say it! Good job! Now thank the nice viewers! Ok! Good good! How many decks now!" XD

  3. 2 & 3 i think he's healed im a Scorpio and he is ♉ all this is true asf from start to finish. Song: Is teach mi how to luv. And i believe everything u said all this is him from 2 to 3

  4. 2. Well i was waiting patiently and faithful while they are healing. But they broke up with me because its too much but they stay in touch to see if im dating anyone. They trying to keep me on the hook while they can do whatever they want. While i was waiting ive healed and gained confidence so. The break up wasnt painful at all surprisingly. Right now im just having fun. Its not me but fuck it i have freedom now i have alot of side chicks if they come around then we'll see.

  5. She's describing him to a tee…it's like she's known my ex boyfriend unbelievable I'm glad I'm not giving into the crocodile tears he sheds its all an act & not a good one this tarot reading just confirmed everything🐍🐍🐍

  6. #2.. Lol. I'm dealing with an aquarius. Yes this is him to a T! i am moving right along. No pity party on my end. Yup everybody got issues but its his life and if he aint tryna fix himself, I'm not able to fix anything for him and yes he blames others for his mistakes when he put himself in that situation. Thanks girll.. Ive been hurt but ive healed.

  7. I'm struggling with my husband and we r kinda separate due to his homelessness drug use since April this year , thx, u

  8. 3, I’m a Taurus. I give him back massages and that’s always a request when we’re together. He likes my vibe and he’s told me he feels peaceful and in a trance when we’re together. We mostly just chill and spend some alone time together. We’ve been in each other’s lives for almost approaching 5 years. We’ve been through a lot, and he’s told me we’ll get through this rough spot and figure it out. We always do. Highly resonated.

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