TRAINING | Open Juventus session ahead of Derby d'Italia vs. Inter

Training intensifies in front of a live audience as Juventus prepares for the biggest match of the season so far when we visit the San Siro on Sunday to play Inter.

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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28 thoughts on “TRAINING | Open Juventus session ahead of Derby d'Italia vs. Inter

  1. WHY❓ WHY❓ WHY❓ WHY KHEDIRA❓ 😠 He is so slow‼️ 😒 SARRI WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU❓ 😤😡😠 In South America, we do not understand why you like Khedira❓ If he is a slow player, who does not make good passes and does not come down to help the defense‼ ️ What is the deal you have with him❓ 😒 Why are you so stubborn and do not realize that this Khedira player, instead of helping to have a faster game, makes it slower‼ This is more than obvious 😠

  2. Voi siete puliti si si b bassotti domani portate il var di juve samp dell anno scorso con l arbitro e tornate in testa grandiii

  3. Dai Juve facci sognare la partita di domenica è troppo importante per prenderla sotto gamba voglio una gran partita di tutti!
    Forza juve!

  4. a chi è interessato qui propongo la meravigliosa storia della champions league, questo è il secondo episodio dedicato al grande Real, aspetto commenti!!

  5. If Inter wins, they troll Juve, if lost, they'll say we're champions league winners. So they're ready with excuses on either side.

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