40 thoughts on “The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments 3 (2002)

  1. 15:55 – Nicey: "Antoinette."
    Bob Eubanks: "Who?"
    Nicey: "Antoinette."
    Bob Eubanks: "Who's that?"
    Nicey: "He had a baby bar."

  2. What was the judge from "Match Game" thinking. The contestant said "school." the word "college" gets accepted but the word "school" got buzzed. Someone had a few too many drinks before the show.

  3. Can anyone honestly say they just skip to the game show moments parts? I don't care much for those questions they ask the people……

  4. The Match game question about school,,,,, I wonder if everything could have been solved with the words "continuing education"? Who knows with those judges!!

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