"Sex Galaxy" Trailer CENSORED

UPDATE: This movie is now available at Amazon.com TLA Video, Hollywood Video, GreenCine and all other retail outlets! Official DVD release from Breaking Glass Pictures and Unearthed Films 4/6/10!!!

Screening in Los Angeles on 9/24/10 at New Beverly Cinema!

Youtube rejected the earlier version so I covered up all the naughty bits. I hope this one is OK, please don’t kick me off.

This is the new movie by infamous Hollywood production company Stag Films created in their wild new laboratory and due out in 2008.

CATCH THE WORLD PREMIERE in Los Angeles on 6/26/08 at the New Beverly Cinema. FREE! It’s gonna be a blast!

New motion picture from Stag Films due out in 2008. Catch the World Premiere screening in Los Angeles on 6/26/08!

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23 thoughts on “"Sex Galaxy" Trailer CENSORED

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  2. AHHHH ha ha ha…this looks like one of those shitty shit i'll be laughing at from beginning to end. I'm gonna watch it now!…AHHHHH ha ha ha

  3. "Meet Ron! The robot pimp, a ruthless monster who rules over the women with a iron fist!!…. but then does he have a choice?" Best line.

  4. That girl is hotter than a plate, where the waiter brings out a plate and says, "Careful, this plate is really hot!" A journey of love and lust to a neighbouring star system… more action than Flesh Gordon!

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