Mother's Day Game Show – SNL

Joanne Pendak (Kate McKinnon) hosts this game show where she questions her kids (Brooks Wheelan, Kyle Mooney, Charlize Theron) about her life. Mom’s neighbor Linda (Aidy Bryant) is the judge and Dad (Bobby Moynihan) appears briefly. [Season 39, 2014]


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43 thoughts on “Mother's Day Game Show – SNL

  1. It's Nurse Jackie not Doctor Jackie.
    I don't know if the SNL writers screwed that up?
    Or is it a typical thing that moms do, naming the show wrong?

  2. The awkwardness. Why would anyone thumb down this skit? So good 😂 How you doing? Doing good? Okay, peace out ✌🏼

  3. Omfg my mom has literally said the "don't push, get up and come back later" thing before, this is the first time one of these sketches has hit me with something uncanny like that lol.

  4. Watching this in 2019, "He looked like Slumdog millionaire guy."

    … What is Shahruk Khan up to?

    Another jump into the youtube hole.

  5. anyone notice the two sons are Jeremy and Michael? And Michael is like the good smol bean of the family? and Jeremy is like the angsty teen? (BMC vibes, anyone?)

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