41 thoughts on “Mizkif Reacts to "Best of Stupid Game Show Answers"

  1. "She looks like Barbie" …. no, just no .. Barbie looks like HER !
    It was a common look at the time Barbie was created – Not the other way around.
    And yes, the people at the game show looked pretty dapper .. at the time it was recorded.
    Meanwhile, mizkif was sitting in a T-shirt, which back in the 60's would have been considered underwear – Oh the irony!

  2. ahh Women of the past. stupid, hot, and probably on some kind of medication to stay quiet. what a dream. These days they faking brains and wont shut up to just fuck. I cant wait for a big ass war to wipe out everything then man can fucking dominate these bitches again.

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