50 thoughts on “Kim Cattrall – 'We were never friends' Sex and the City 3

  1. There was two others besides SJP they are as bad as it sounds they didn't speak out or put right any wrongs. Sounds like they ganged up with SJP making Kim the outsider. Her final revenge is she doesn't need them, they wrongly assumed she'd just go along with their plans to keep them happy.

  2. I didn't like the idea of her suggesting the role should be offered to an African American or a Latina. We don't need your charity…….

  3. Great idea to recast her character or introduce another one. If they so desperately want to make a third movie that nobody needs then do what Kim suggested. Hopefully they then finally stop to badmouth her…

  4. she is amazing!!!!!!!she did great for the show, they all did!!! its a chapter in her life. They brought joy and entertainment to many of us. Nothing but love to u all!!

  5. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Piers Morgan? How many times does he need to ask the same question over and over? So glad she stuck to her guns and just kept giving him the same answer. Why encourage him? He’s such an ass.

    Anyway, I think Kim is very graceful in this interview. Class act. And she’s right. Sex and the City needs to be over.

    It was a great show, but it needs to be over. Frankly, I think they should have stopped after the first movie. The second was not very good.

    And it’s been what? Ten years? What are they gonna do? Sex and the golden girls? Don’t get me wrong…I love Kim, and I never pass up an opportunity for Chris Noth…but nothing the girls are doing in their characters 50’s could be that interesting.

  6. Thank God itz finally over!! SJP looks like an old witch and Cynthia Nixon, ughhhhhh…move on girls like lovely Ms. Cattrall has❣⛼🌠

  7. Mature and classy AF!
    Dealing with douchebag rude self-absorbed Piers Morgan here and her Sex & the City colleagues. SJP never fooled me. I've always seen her as her character on The First Wives. LOVE Catrall! Kudos on your honesty, strength and class

  8. I love this ❤️ She knew who she was then, she still knows who she is. She doesn’t get lost in the money. She’s in touch with her reality and I love it 🥰

  9. Okay wow, this lady is mature pure class, straight up. Not afraid to call it like it is, but does so in a very gracious and humble way and damnit, I just love her now!

  10. Kim is so classy & down to earth.. Samantha made this vapid, materialist show somewhat less cringe worthy.

    Sarah Jessica Parker, notorious Furhag could be nicer to animals too. Shame on her for wearing and selling skinned alive animals. She doesn’t deserve happiness!

  11. Is this interview solely based to discuss sex and the city and behind the scenes of it? she said her side, made her point, move on the the interview! 6:53 of one question is pure badgering to create more drama than there is, I’m a straight male that’s only watch a few episodes back in the day and remember less bitching in a single episode that there has been in the 6:53!!!!!

    PS Kim is fit!

  12. Wow, what an articulate, intelligent woman. She has always been way prettier than SJP and she may be 10 years older, but she looks younger. SJP was/is jelly jelly jelllllly!

  13. Sarah Jessica parker grow up and have some maturity. Trying to get Ellen to play Samantha on the Ellen show. It just shows how jealous you are. Sorry Ellen but you are nasty. Anyone who doesn't agree with you on your show you cut them off. Sarah j p Kim Cantrell has aged a lot better than you.

  14. M E totally agree the others are acting childish. Sarah Jessica parker looks older than Kim Cantrell in my opinion. She is a woman who knows how to say things like an adult instead of stooping to the other girls high school level!!

  15. No one ever picked up a phone and called the others. The phone lines go both ways. The fact that no one did tells it all. At 61 your priorities change immensely. Spending time with family, doing only things you love, doing things you've always wanted to do and never had time for, taking care of you, becomes the focus. Not another job or more money or fame. They were co-workers. A 10 year age difference. How many of us are still in touch with people we worked with 15-20 years ago? The true golden years are not an age. It's when you realize that your life and the people in it are more important than anything else. Thats where Kim is. Her out look on life is beautiful.

  16. This lady comes from liverpool, she did who do you think you are I was surprised to find she was liverpudlian. I think she is strong ,loves her family she is proud to be a northerner and a liverpool lady. She found a lot of unfortunate things in that programme, She is lovely lady.

  17. Well, I don't know how to say this because it was a great idea and a great series, bu-u-u-ut, Kim Cattrall is a big-time high quality actress, and has proven it many times in other work – as in, A REAL MULTI-ROLE CAPABLE ACTRESS ACTRESS. Who is able to play many different kinds of roles… You can't type-cast an actor or actress in just one type of character the WHOLE of their lives for godsakes.

  18. Are we gonna pretend that Ms. Cattrall wasn't subtly throwing shade at SJP with her mentioning she's 10 years older, several times?? She knows they aged like milk, while she sitting pretty like a fine bottle of wine..😁

  19. To be fair Sarah JP was the one to pull the plug on the series, everyone wanted to continue. Their movies are great I hope they can work this out. Kim is stunning & seasoned actress but don't she need the work? I haven't seen her in anything else

  20. Such class, such poise, such elegance, such eloquence. Samantha Jones was wonderful, and Kim is wonderful too! So sad that she's been made a scapegoat by the others. It sounds like childhood playground bullying, honestly.

  21. S&C #1 was excellent, #2 was horrible enough. No need for 3rd one, unless they combine cats with sex in the city or something

  22. I enjoyed S&TC, as I have enjoyed other things. I get soooo tired of people not knowing when to leave a good thing alone. I wish they let it end with the series & didn’t do any movies. But people want to see how much more money they can pull out from something.

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