Imported for my body: The African women trafficked to India for sex – BBC Africa Eye documentary

BBC Africa Eye uncovered an illegal network that lures women to India from Africa, where they are then forced into sex work to satisfy the demands of the many African men living in Delhi.

The women are mostly from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Rwanda.

One woman, Grace, who was trafficked from Kenya, agreed to go undercover.



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45 thoughts on “Imported for my body: The African women trafficked to India for sex – BBC Africa Eye documentary

  1. She claims to be trafficked but she doesn't seem traumatized, @ 22:30 min fake tears, It just doesn't feel real to me, she looks happy

  2. Oh and blacks sold their own people into slavery so stop blaming the white man for everything !! FACTS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Remember this is the girl who was busy trying to be a video vixen/look for sponsors. , monetizing her body.Any sensible person would tell you for free that this is bound to happen. I sympathise with girls who are misled into into slavery like conditions in Dubai as domestic workers, but this idiot…no. she deserves it

  4. هــــذا أول🥰 تـــعـلـيــــقـي🥰 فـي🥰 الــــفـيــديـــــو هـل مــــن تــــرحــيب🥰واشـترك بقـــناتــــي
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  5. It is also horrible in Dubai. The level of debasement is way much more, from unconfirmed reports. The African woman has been turned to an object such that when she is seen in Europe, Middle East, etc. she is automatically termed a sex worker. It is appalling.

  6. There are Nigerians selling other Nigerians in Italy and bewitching them so much that they are afraid to return home. It somewhere on youtube

  7. Omg, I'm so sorry I really hate these creatures for humans! Pls find your way back home to your family. never give up. Safe enough money to run away to live for yourselves.

  8. Many people say that madames and those involved in this trade are victims of colonialism. In the greater scheme of things this is true, but making a conscious decision to exploit your poeple when you know right from wrong cannot be justified.

  9. Grace: "prostitution would be the last thing I would do in my life."

    Grace: works 5 months for BBC News Africa as a hooker in a brothel.

  10. i think as BBC you need to get secret body to deal with this people otherwise our sister will keep on rotting there and dieying

  11. PLease make sure you save the lady and if possible taken back home ,African leaders are doing nothing , i think it would be better people to live passports at the embassy and the embassy to provide identification for the people and if possible to make truck on them

  12. Indian government shd legalise prostitution..
    Atleast these helpless women and the helpless Indian women who work as prostitutes would get the necessary protection and insurance as per our laws applied for other professions..

    Also, this is the one of the documentaries which opened me up about the problems Africans r facing

    We Indians and Africans face the same type of problems..I think

  13. If you know of anything Please email [email protected] To report human trafficking situation, call the fee hotline at 1-888-373-7888 this ends and starts with you taking action.
    There is a better way. Learn more at

  14. Guys please stop calling the name of the whole African continent just say the country name instead of saying Africa cause all the countries in Africa don’t have or do the same shit @BBc News Africa

  15. Its a total shame that even the concerned authorities in Kenya, India and Nigeria have denied the legitibility of these expose. Its called Africa Eye to help the governments see, unfortunately, since they run these cartels in Nairobi and Abuja with Indian Agents, they turn a blind eye and neglect affected citizens. But honestly this is a good piece of journalism and the sluggish authorities will surely pay.
    Thanks BBC Africa Eye

  16. Our Governments re nothing but corrupt fools. And our embassies re just their to decorate their host cities.. Not is working in Africa

  17. I'm so confused 😕 are these sex traffickers still in business up to this day? Aren't they supposed to be deported in Jail? What's the resolution for this? You just brought back Grace to her family like nothing happened? What does the authorities do to save the other girls???

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