Cowsep on Vietnam Server – Day 1 Liên Minh Huyền Thoại

Day 1 of Cowsep’s Unranked to Diamond on the Vietnamese Server

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► Music at the end
Jon Andreas Edland – Facing Greater Forces

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Learn Cowsep’s current Master Yi build by watching “TRIPLE YOUR WINRATE WITH THIS MASTER YI BUILD – Cowsep”



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28 thoughts on “Cowsep on Vietnam Server – Day 1 Liên Minh Huyền Thoại

  1. how could you play lol vietnam in your own country, Cowsep? I wonder how because Garena blocked foreign ip. Can you show me what software u used to play lol vn,please?

  2. I am in vietnamese , I know it , and I sell accounts , who you want you can find me , I can give you 1 acc , only 1 acc !!! my facebook link :


  3. Holy shit man ^^ i fucking hate yi.. i hate it to see in my team, i hate it to see him in enemie team and ich liturally hate ut to bevome him un aram.. but damn.. it's funny to see u play yi ^^
    I leave a follow btw 🙂

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