48 thoughts on “Adrienne On Being A Finalist As “The Flamingo” On The Masked Singer

  1. As soon as i heard her voice i knew that it was adrian but seriously a amazing voice girl you need to come out with your own album !

  2. I recently showed my 3 yr old daughter The Cheetah Girls on Disney+ and as soon as she heard the Flamingo sing in the final she goes, "IS THAT THE CHEETAH GIRLS???" I was like even YOU know?! Lol it was so funny.😅

  3. Girl you sand but we all knew it was you.🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ Your voice it unique and different than most so it was easy to point it out. We all knew it was you.🤣🤣🤣

  4. I knew it, you have such an AMAZING voice! I love the way you sing, I only ever sang your parts in 3LW & in The Cheetah Girls!

  5. Lmao she so loud love it.I love that they can express themselves being masked.absolutely understand why these famous people love being under the mask.

  6. I knew it was her from the start but when the clue was I hate the sound of my voice it completely confirmed it for me you are a amazing singer

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