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Have you ever asked yourself questions about “what sex do men like” “what guys want in the bedroom”, “how to please your man,” or “kinds of sex guys like”?

Dating advice questions Mat Boggs and I get asked a lot by women are “what do men want in bed?” “what sex do guys like?” and “what sex positions do men love?” Today, I’m very excited to have brought in Mat Boggs to be talking about 5 Types of Sex Men Love – What Men Want In Bed.

For Mat Boggs and me, giving dating advice to women on sexual fantasies men have and how to please a guy in the bedroom is a significant part of our roles as dating and relationships coaches for women. Whether we like or not, knowing how to please a guy in the bedroom has a major influence in the success of your relationship, and that’s why I brought in Mat Boggs to talk about 5 types of sex men love – what men want in bed.

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What sex do men like? What do men want in bed? How to please your man? What sex positions do men love? What sexual fantasies do men have? Creating a video for you on 5 Types of Sex Men Love – What Men Want In Bed with Mat Boggs is something I’ve been enthusiastic about! Mat Boggs and I work with a lot of clients who feel their man is losing interest in them sexually or they cannot please their man in bed. This is not a good situation to keep the attraction, and if you want to keep your man interested and attracted in you, the way to do it is by knowing the 5 types of sex men love and what men want in bed.
Thus, we are sharing five mind-blowing tips that are guaranteed, if done right, to please your man in the bedroom. What sex fantasies do men have? What do guys like in bed? Mat Boggs and I are going to show you in this video.

In this dating advice video from Make Him Yours, I (Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationship coach) alongside Mat Boggs, women’s dating and relationship coach, am talking about authentic ways to please and satisfy your man in the bedroom. You’ll understand what men like in bed and their sexual fantasies.

When a woman comes to me asking “Mark, what sex do men like?” or “Mark, sex positions do men love?”, “Mark, can you tell me how to please a guy in the bedroom?”, “What sexual fantasies do men have?” and even “Mark, what sex positions do men love?” my first thought is “GREAT question(s). This woman wants her man genuinely attracted and interested in her. She wants to have an empowering relationship and so she wants to know how to please and satisfy her man. She knows that she is the type of woman who deserves a lasting and genuine relationship, and thus, Mat Boggs and I are happy to share with her these five excellent types of sex men love and what men want in bed!

After watching this video on 5 Types of Sex Men Love – What Men Want In Bed ft. Mat Boggs, you’ll know exactly what guys want in bed, how to please your man and the sexual fantasies men have. five tips I share with Mat Boggs are the secrets to a long lasting relationship where he values you with a deep loving bond. This is incredibly significant content to empower you to enhance your interactions with men, your dating, and relationship results.

Watch this video on 5 Types of Sex Men Love – What Men Want In Bed – It’s mine and Mat’s comprehensive guide on how to please a guy in the bedroom. Having watched it, you’ll know the sexual fantasies men have and how to please a guy in the bedroom ensuring that you’ll know how to build a fantastic, empowering relationship with your man into the future.

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Enjoy the video, guys! This is Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach from Make Him Yours!
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30 thoughts on “5 Types of Sex Men Love – What Men Want In Bed ft. Mat Boggs

  1. The more us ladies are heterosexual we are pretty much into whatever we think our man might get the most out of. So yeah thanks for the reminder to offer a more varied sexual palette 🎨 because it's all too easy to offer nothing but quickies.

  2. So basically in a nut shell (I love nuts!🐿) y'all like all types of sex! Lol beautifully reassuring and I'm giving mines some turtle action asap!🐢❤️💕

  3. Can’t get over the fact my two favorite coaches did these great videos together! You both are truly amazing! Thank you for all the great and real advice as always!

  4. I am a female Erotic Entertainer. I have always wondered how a male Entertainer feels about being in the adult entertainment industry in regards to maintaining a healthy relationship. And handles dating or a committed relationship since being a Erotic Entertainer comes with such a harsh stigma and sensual demands. Do you keep your career a secret? Do you have high sexual expectations from women because your career? How do you build trust being constantly stormed with sexual advances? Being an adult Entertainer definitely can be challenging to get very intimately familiar with one person when their are others with in a work day that command a sensual euphoric experience. How do you maintain a balance with having energy to give to your partner? Because quite honestly I struggle with constantly expending this aspect of myself and maintaining my sensuality at work then having to give at home too. How do you personally recharge and maintain your balance?Any advice Entertainer to Entertainer?

  5. Haven’t thought about it when did came to mind sparking up the night sexier before. Glad came across other channel what men do want change up our relationship.

  6. is it just me or do guys always throw someone * or something * fucking? XD
    whats more disturbing to me however is that there area PLETHORA of "how to please/keep/get a man" but so little about pleasing *us*…

  7. All of these I agree…by the time you're my age you'll know what men like. Only one I hate is the talking, they like it of course, but the problem I find they stop talking to me. And yes I've complained. So, I decided with new bf not talking with this one. I'll moan and all that but no more talking.

  8. My favorite is what I call "I have to have you now" sex. Just come up to me and start kissing me and taking off clothes.

  9. I've tried all of these and it irritates my husband? Wondering if it is just some types of men that like these things? Or maybe my husband doesn't really enjoy me…but he has to fight not to go quickly?? Hhmmm..I'm really confused?

  10. Kangaroo sex is a no-no. Fight and be mad at each other and have sex and what happens to the situation that caused the anger? It’s just gonna be forgotten? Nah. It’s gonna come back and you won’t mend it with sex.

  11. 1. Experimental sex
    2. Kangaroo sex (aggressive sex)
    3. Expressive Sex
    4. "Don't lift a finger" sex man doesn't lift anything
    5. "Stealth Bomber sex" sneak attack sex while he's sleeping

  12. In answer to your question about what types of sex women want, in my experience the main idea is it should be communicative sex. Whether its quick and hungry or languid slow, very loving sex, there needs to be deep connection for it to have fireworks.

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