41 thoughts on “Top 10 Facts – Half-Life

  1. I know I'm almost 5 years late, but he missed another interesting fact:
    If you pay attention to the Nihilanth's weird moaning, he actually says: "We are their slaves, we are their slaves…" and "You are man,he is not man. For you he waits, for you…"
    Which implies that he is a slave of the Combine himself and also knows the plans of the G-Man (or at least knows about his existence)

  2. 2:46
    that is NOT the real gordon freeman the one in the cart is not the same model used for half life one, the one the player is controlling now is the real gordon freeman

  3. There is actually a reference to the ponytail in the remake of Half Life, Black Mesa. When Barney lets you in the workplace after gettin off the tram, he says “Aw you cut the ponytail!”

  4. You should talk a bit more about the impact the Half-Life games had on the gaming industry and the future impact Half-Life Alyx will have.

  5. i don't get that. the combine are humans, so the whole reason for why they do what they do is bullshit. kind of expected more solid writing, seems like expectations were really low back in the day and these days storywriting just got worse. people are becoming dumb pieces of shit.

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  7. So wait… you wanna tell me that in the original version the soldiers are not robots? My Life was a lie. I always thought that the army sent robots in the first part XD

  8. maybe they won. and the ploy is boring a while. IRL we would totally have 60 years before the next innovation. until then we are suspended in time until one day the gman needs our talents once again

  9. It's funny, I've recently gotten back into the X-files. Gman reminds me of the cigarette smoking man(Gman from x-files) Also, I'm not sure they will ever release a 3rd or end of Half Life, at least not until the next HUGE advancement in tech. Every Half Life game was a massive leap in technology. At this point, depending on the sales and overall reception of Half Life Alyx on a totally new and less common VR platform, maybe HL3 would come out on VR in a couple years if sales really did well.

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