The Greatness of Lionel Messi HD

Lionel Messi is considered by many as the greatest football player of all time. But what makes him so special? Well, he is one the rare players to excel at every aspect of the game: goalscoring, dribbling and playmaking. Furthermore, he’s a great person and he shows on it on the pitch, he never dives and always stays focused on the game! His greatness is unmeasurable.

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Visca El Barca & long live our GOAT Messi.

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20 thoughts on “The Greatness of Lionel Messi HD

  1. Admin I really enjoyed this video, I watch it like every day and I would really like to know the name of all the songs that played during the video

  2. Please, during dribbles or solo goal, DON'T CHANGE CAMERA during action !! Stay with main camera, that more insane and beautiful

  3. God decided to play football and look what happened … how hard it will be when he retires … I swear I'll cry like a girl … I swear

  4. Caution to media and fans alike, don't judge world class players on the level Messi has set, we have world class players like the Hazards the Neymars and we have the Messi class PLAYER.

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