42 thoughts on “Stupid Game Show Answers | Cor Blimey! IV

  1. These celebrity versions of popular TV shows are so pathetic that they make me cringe! It's like having a glass of concentrated Lemon Juice with a tablespoon of salt stirred In and swishing It around your gob for a few minutes – followed by a kick In the face by a size 12 steel-capped work boot. Fuck Telly! Enjoy time with your family and friends. Life Is so short.

  2. For the first one the guy was clearly chopping stuff on a cutting board lol that was super easy to see in the first square they showed

  3. Thomas O'Malley is an animated feline character from the popular animated Disney classic, "The Aristocats" (1970).

  4. Famous Irishmen
    1. George Bernard Shaw
    2. Oscar Wilde
    3. William Butler Yeats
    4. James Joyce
    5. Michael Fassbender
    6. Seamus
    7. Finn Balor

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