44 thoughts on “Real vs Fake – Powerbeats Pro vs Powerbeats Pro Clones

  1. Just a quick update I ordered 5 pairs of the Apple airpods pro clones from Expresspodz after watching your video back on Nov 13….well they finally came this week…..MAJOR.. MAJOR.. MAJOR.. GO!” took over a month …but worth it.

  2. Damn I thought this channel was real! But this channel is like every other YT channel! Making these BS videos for the suckers out there and the money it makes!

  3. If the Express pods were real how come you took the video down? Stop with all the fake shit! Making people spend there money on fake shit! Didn't u learn ur lesson? I guess Youtubers will make any videos for that YT money! I thought this channel was better than this! People will do anything for money! I don't trust anyone! Unsub! There are suckers born everyday!

  4. Floss you gotta check these out Sifi Bomaker on amazon for $35 they are really good. ipx7 independent L and R mono connection small form factor.

  5. Got a question about the IPX rating, I've gone thru about 3 pairs of PowerBeats 3 just cause Imma sweaty MF like that, but I love the sound quality and design/way they fit in my ear. I know the Pro's are IPX4 rated but that's only considered slightly resistant to sweat and water. So for all my other Sweaty people out here, what are your experiences and has anyone had any problems with sweat destroying them? I guess this could apply to the fakes too but I'm leaning more towards the actual beats.

  6. Or just go to AliExpress they have all those headphones on there you just need to look around and you will most likely find them. I got airpods that are wirless charging and do everything the real ones do for 20$

  7. Hey Floss, I just wanted to say I love your videos man, I'm a huge fan, I know you probably won't read this😂😂😂 Also, what's your opinion on Chromebooks?

  8. Yo Flossy, you got the best unboxing and review channel on YouTube hands down. You keep it real and don't care for haters. I always come to youre channel for reviews because I know I can trust you. Keep up the awesome work brotha!

  9. Doin the lord's work Floss! Luv my OG's but just picked some of these up for my Lil bros. Got here super fast! Not as much bass as the OG's but solid sound and will definitely work👍

  10. PodsBay heavily overprices their things. r/RepTronics is the way to go for exact same (maybe better) product and lower price!

  11. Just stumbled across your review of the Powerbeats pro clones. I really enjoyed your honest review but allow me to add my experience with podsbay. I also ordered the clones and was impressed with their build quality. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, so for $80 they were ok. Here’s my issue.
    1st – I’ve had connectivity issues. The left earphone doesn’t stay paired.
    2nd – When I reached out to PodsBay customer support regarding my problem, they never returned my emails.
    So my point is buy at your own risk because if you run into a problem with them, you’re stuck with them and out $80 plus dollars.

  12. I think you did an oopsie. At 10:54 it says you connected to your original, the real, earbuds for the second test after the first test for the real ones.

  13. Great video. YouTube is already full of people reviewing the 'common' gadgets so going into great detail on clones or knock offs is very useful. You're not just unboxing either. Keep it up bro!

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