RANK 1 GRAVES TRIES NEW 100% CRIT BUILD | League of Legends

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RANK 1 GRAVES TRIES NEW 100% CRIT BUILD! | League of Legends


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37 thoughts on “RANK 1 GRAVES TRIES NEW 100% CRIT BUILD | League of Legends

  1. Hey guys, this video will showcase to you how to play the new 100% crit graves build! (just don't pick him into tanks like Malphite and forget your early Infinity Edge).
    I have a lot of great videos coming out before the year ends (best 5 jungle tips to climb + kadeem coaching part 2) so make sure to not miss out on those with notification bell on and by subscribing.
    Thank you for the support and Happy Holidays!

  2. Yo Tarz I've been building sanguine Blade plus Hexdrinker against heavy AP comps and it feels really satisfiyng. The build sounds crazy but works
    JG item;
    if you have an advantage try to rush you *sanguine blade*;
    in case the enemy ap has kills rush the *hexdrinke*r then your sanguine
    (Don't forget your tabis/mercs)
    >>>Transition for crit (scrub noob does it a lot)
    It's very situational how to build crit:
    zeal then rush IE,
    build rapid fire then IE, StormRazor into IE… Depends a lot

    Last item usually go LW but it's also ocasional (GA,Cimitarr, BotRK)

    The combo sanguine plus hexdrinkers is insane!!! Try it out

  3. Tarzaned, you are a huge example to me. I used to be a very pessimistic and angry gamer, seeing you make this positive change has seriously warmed my heart and gave made me see that i too can change. I will see you soon on twitch #freetarzaned <3

  4. not a frequent graves player here, when you build crit on graves, will it shoot multiple bullets on buildings like a normal crit?

  5. It’s embarrassing how bad these players are, yet I’m just as bad in plat elo as well. The skill of you and other high elo players is insane

  6. Some constructive criticism, I think your channel would benefit from you working on your annunciation and speaking a little louder and clearer. You just sound like one constant low sound. It's hard to tell what you're saying. It's like listening to mumble rap. Even the closed captioning has no idea. No hate, I just notice how hard it is to hear you in almost all your videos. Speak up and use full motion in that mouth so you can understand the words.

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