20 thoughts on “Let's Get Biblical – Board Game Show

  1. I postponed watching this because I knew they gonna play it incorrectly somehow. I decided to finally watch this and they made a mistake on the first turn.
    During the first round everyone starts with their abilities and cards as "used" until their first turn, which means Elyse couldn't have played during Adam's first turn.
    In addition there should be a single discard pile, you can't just have a pile for each player because it fucks up some card effects.

  2. God: Abe kill your son, Isaac
    Abe: K
    God: Just a prank bro!
    Isaac: WTF Dad?

    Edit: Cause I fucked up. Thanks @Craphole yeah that's me

  3. I love this game it super hard but it so fun I recommend I think target has it on sale Rn for Christmas so do yourself a favor and get it lol

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